Bel Argosy, Robot Princess, Woodpecker!, The Hannlons

Bel Argosy

We play pop-rock-punk songs about a series of imaginary, lazily-composed myths and legends involving stone dog statues, familial curses and elevators.

Robot Princess

The only rock band in New York City



Woodpecker! is your favorite ivory-billed, red-bellied, sap-sucking string band. Combining pick slides and punk-rock jumps with the banjo licks, mandolin chops, and close harmonies native to bluegrass, their song structures and vocal melodies owe a lot to the energy and irreverence of pop punk bands like Snuff and the Descendents. Lyrically, their songs flirt with sentimentality before kneeing it in the balls.

The Hannlons

$8.00 - $10.00


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