Royal Teeth

Full length debut LP coming in 2013!

Debut EP, Act Naturally, Available Now @ iTunes

Royal Teeth makes music for adventures.

She's A Keeper

She’s a Keeper is a five-piece ensemble based in Kansas City. Most of the members grew up and went to school together and that naturally shines through in their music and live performances. Their sound is raw & unaffected; their stage presence pleasingly unpretentious.

Utilizing a broad array of instruments including guitars, drums, banjo, piano, mandolin, & cello, the band has coalesced a roots-rock-folk-pop sound that defies easy description. From sweet sounding ballads that crescendo and roar, to tunes with raffish upbeat grooves, their original songs are brimming with melodious hooks and three-part harmonies.


Formed in the winter of 2010 by Alex Chase, Ryan Clark, and Jeremy Kiddle, and joined in the fall of 2011 by Bill Wald, and in the spring of 2012 by Daniel and Chelsea Kiddle. Refero presents an eclectic, enthralling experience that features honest, thoughtful lyrics supported by rhythmic, and melodic guitars. It’s music that provides you with the ability to soar above a landscape of unyielding drums punctuated by inspiring bass lines.



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