Living Social Deal: Terminator Two - Dinner and Drinks Included, Terminator Too - Judgement Play

Living Social Deal: Terminator Two - Dinner and Drinks Included

Choice of Tickets:
$33 for One General Admission Ticket
$39 for One Premium Seating Ticket in the First Three Rows
$195 for a Private Booth for Five People
$229 for a Private Booth for Six People
$269 for a Private Booth for Seven People
All Ticket Holders Receive:
One Redd's Apple Ale + Three Small Tacos, Rice, & Beans
Redd's Apple Ale Drink Koozie
Everyone's favorite '90s action movie comes back to life with this offer, presented in partnership with Redd's Apple Ale: Snag yourself a seat at Terminator Too, the hilarious interactive live theater parody of the sci-fi blockbuster.

Hollywood's 21+ bar, Dragonfly, plays the host for this night of nostalgia-laden fun. Before the curtain rises on the madcap spoof, fuel up for the laughs with a dinner of tasty tacos, rice, and beans and a Redd's Apple Ale from the bar. Then settle in as this acclaimed comedy troupe -- the same folks behind the hit production "Point Break Live!" -- present a bizarre new take on the classic movie. Don't forget to practice your best Austrian accent; after a few on-stage auditions, one lucky audience member gets to take Arnold's role as the Terminator.

With its witty script, clever ultra-low-budget special effects, and epic squirt-gun battles, this interactive theater experience is unlike any play you've ever seen. After the final "hasta la vista," you'll get to meet the cast and creators at a special post-show meet-and-greet. With an experience this much fun, you'll definitely be saying, "I'll be back!"

Terminator Too - Judgement Play

Terminator Too, Judgment Play is the hilarious new interactive spoof of the 1991 classic action movie, Terminator 2. You'll help save the human race with everybody's favorite robot vigilante while being transported back to the days when your only concern was if your Slap Bracelet matched your Reebok Pumps.

Get blasted by super-soakers! Witness the scorching of He-Man action figures! Be dazzled by James Cameron’s revolutionary action sequences and special effects... recreated LIVE (in true 3D)… with next to no budget at all!

Think your Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation is the best around? Here’s your chance to prove it. For each show, the role of THE TERMINATOR will be chosen from the audience… by the audience! Don’t worry, we'll provide all of Arnold’s complex, important dialogue on cue cards.

You’ll feel like a kid again, except this time you won’t have to sneak your parents’ liquor into the theater. The show is performed in New York City at Tribeca’s rocking Santos Party House which features three bars, a face-melting sound system, and a free drink with every ticket purchased.

From the director of the West Coast smash-hit, Point Break Live, this show is guaranteed to be a night that will change the way you experience theater...FOREVER! Once you’ve seen Terminator Too, Judgment Play, you’ll definitely say (in a poorly imitated Austrian accent), “I’ll be back!”

See you at the show, and “Hasta la vista, baby!”

$33 Includes Show, Dinner & Drinks


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