The Circus Kids, Long Black Shadows, Names in Vain

The Circus Kids

Step right up! Step right up! Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Rage inside the cage with the lion, walk the tight rope with the acrobats, groom yourselves with the bearded lady, and step into the ring with The Circus Kids.

Long Black Shadows

indie rock band with little ambition, but whole lot of heart.

Names in Vain

Formed in 2006, when Richie Aquino left his previous band to take a chance on a completely new musical direction. He teamed up with longtime friend, Michelle Ashley, to try and use conventional instruments in an uncoventional way.

Names in Vain has shared the stage with international sensation Melee, The Constellations, and Electric Six.

Their song "Summons," was featured on the CW television show, "Gossip Girl," gathering over 90,000 views on Youtube!



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