Down And Outlaws, The Cuss

Down And Outlaws

f you ask what Down and Outlaws sound like, someone might mention The Stooges, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or Lynyrd Skynyrd. But at some level, such comparisons miss the point. Call these San Franciscans bluesy, rootsy, dirty; it doesn't really matter. Down and Outlaws are a rock and roll band, pure and simple. These days, when the definition of rock and roll is increasingly uncertain, the tight-knit quartet's energy, authenticity, and blistering live performances are impossible to ignore or forget.

The Cuss

The Cuss are a happily married pair of bike enthusiasts from San Francisco. They play straight-ahead rock songs; some heavy, some sweet, all hammering on heartstrings. Their stage show is sweaty and fun, and their debut EP stays true to what they put across live: drums, guitar, an amp, a microphone, and a lot of love. What you see is what you get, and it's just what you needed.

When not rehearsing or performing, Wendy and Josh can be spotted around the city riding bikes, drinking beers, talking to dogs, and starting dance parties.

one f

one f is a San Francisco-based trio who have been actively gigging since mid 2006. one f has been described as listening to "Dinosaur Jr. vs. Pink Floyd, while being refereed by Pavement." one f is not confined by a particular sound or genre, but flows organically between them. Quick changes in mood, from sincere balladry to all-out rocking, combine seamlessly into a cohesive whole, often in the space of a single song.

"Diminutive in stature, gargantuan in spirit!" Mayya writes songs based on her life experiences – some are sad, some are upbeat, some are sad and upbeat. Mayya moved with her family from St.Petersburg, Russia to San Francisco around the age of 2, and has been living in the same apartment in the Tenderloin since. Growing up in this environment has shaped her world view and influenced her songwriting. Though there are many things one can be saddened by, Mayya generally maintains a positive outlook on life and tries to be as understanding of others' situations as possible.

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