Hands In, Trasholes @ The Back Bar

Hands In


Formed in the winter of 2011, Trasholes is a garage-semipop band from Gig Harbor, WA, composed of frontman Ian Call and drummer Adrien Weale. Their catchy but twisted songs keep you wondering what will come next, while their shows are full of energy to keep show-goers watching, as well as moving.

Not From Brooklyn

Bandits of Otma

A Seattle boomburb-born bleeding blues band stinking of the sweet sweat of devotion. It is a "long way to the top if you want to rock & roll" and we've got a long way to go, but the Bandits will soon steal the throne. We don't want your money, no not a dime, all we ask for buddy, is a piece of your time. We make the music many wish was still around. The blues, classic rock & roll, psychedelic rock, love songs of the 60's, funky grooves from the 70's, songs preaching peace, songs relevant to the times, songs that make you want to stand up and fight for your own well being! From The Doors, to The Who, to Buffalo Springfield, all the way to The White Stripes & everything in between.

$5 Day Of Show

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