St. James and The Apostles

St. James and The Apostles

A slightly different spin on the "Power Trio" formula. Influenced more by The Doors guitar/organ-keyboard bass/drums sound and less by the standard Cream guitar/bass/drums archetype, the sound of this group could be best summed up as The Doors' "Strange Days" meets Black Flag's "My War", or "Saucerful of Secrets" era-Pink Floyd meets Mudhoney. In essence, a cross between the raw power of garage rock, grunge and punk, and the strange ethereal qualities of psychedelia. A style dubbed by one fan as "Psychedelic Stomp".

What actually brought these 3 together, other than the fact that they are cousins, is the simultaneous collapse of all of their previous musical projects. Jamie is best known for being a founding member of The Three 4 Tens, as well as stints in Marah, Asteroid #4, Mondo Topless, and others. Mike, also spent some time in The Three 4 Tens, as well as playing in various groups in Northeast Philadelphia. Jeff played in various groups in and around Asbury Park, NJ.


Based out of Philadelphia, Swedeland takes it's name from the eclectic hidden neighborhood where the seeds of the group were planted. Singer/guitarist Morgan Pinkstone (Wes Mattheu and The New Way Down)blazes the way with her powerful voice and timeless stories. She is backed by keyboard/guitarist Paul Maraldo (Buffalo Fight, The Vedas), and bassist Brian Bloemker (veteran of Philly's hard rock scene, Workhorse III, Lisa Christ Superstar, etc.). Swedeland's music is as eclectic as it is hauntingly familiar.

Mr. Unloved

Got started musically as the crash cymbalist for the Springfield High School Marching Band.
After graduating he was confronted with the sobering reality the there was no room in the
R-N-R industry for crash cymbalists, or at least not at that time there wasn’t.
He then joined forces with underground poet Pegalina as her bongo player
Then to bass for a trio version of the Unloved and a Alt rock band called "If", and then finally back to piano.
Musical influences: Schroeder.

Full Blown Cherry



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