SWEAT with Big Dipper, Deja K Taylor, and DJ Swaguerrilla...Hosted by Shea Couleé

Chicago based queer rapper Big Dipper gained exposure in 2012 with over 200,000 views of his Youtube videos for his playful and dancey first song Drip Drop, followed up by Summertime Realness , a summer anthem with featured artist Rica Shay, and Meat Quotient, a raunchy sex-and-beef-filled romp. His recent EP release THEY AINT READY (produced by BAATHHAUS's Dan Foley) features these popular tracks as well as three new songs: They Aint Ready, BigFoot, and Dick Bounce (a collaboration with guest producer Blue Redder).

Recently featured in DETAILS magazine as one of Hip Hop's Queer pioneers, Big Dipper is currently on tour performing at clubs, parties, and music venues. His exciting live shows feature music from the EP, mixtape tracks, covers, dancers, a Dick Bounce competition, and more!

THEY AINT READY can be downloaded for FREE at bigdipperjelly.com

Deja K Taylor

Déja K. Taylor is a Superbad poet with an MC's touch, a defiance of gravity, a knack for laughing, a Mother's passion & a Diva's fashion. In a digital world where Art and Pop culture is streamed endlessly, Deja stays ahead of the curb by telling the invariably complex journey of how a black girl goes in the booth to channel Clark Kent. All layered with haunting honesty and a hint of humor of course. In high school Spoken Word Club was her first platform for growth and expression; through it she gained the confidence to venture boldly into theater. Through her work with About Face Youth Theater's The Home Project, she was able to further develop as an actress and an ally. In 2006 she placed 3rd nationally in the NAACP ACT-SO competition. In 2008 she placed first in Chicago's Louder Than A Bomb poetry slam with her perfect scoring poem titled 'Ode to the Female MC' advancing her to the finals stage on Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voices. In 2008 she placed 1st in Chicago's Louder Than A Bomb Poetry slam which advanced her to International competition on Russell Simmon's Presents Brave New Voices. Since making her TV debut on HBO, she's toured independently in Europe, opened for Grammy award winning artists: Will.i.am, Common, Marsha Ambrosius, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli to name a few. She's also hosted on Power 92 Chicago's Truestar Radio Segment, was recognized by the Washington Post's The Root as one the Top 30 Black performance poets while also being celebrated for her singing ability, she continues to teach and mentor, and most recently she's released her debut single and Official Music Video 'SUPERBAD' which features a cameo from Rupaul's Drag Racer Dida Ritz. She is currently hard at work on her first album-styled Mixtape which will feature ALL NEW music, and soundtrack samplings from her forthcoming one woman Show, FREE DEJA TAYLOR. Stay tuned for MORE collaborations and MORE videos!

DJ Swaguerrilla

Swaguerrilla is a Chicago based DJ & Multimedia Artist. He is heavily influenced by soul music, the golden age of hip hop, future bass, and the tropics.


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