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No gimmicks, just Rock 'n' roll.

amy o

Gabriel Mayers

Angel Ocana

Angel Ocana is one of the purest singer/songwriters to arrive on the Philly music scene in recent
years. His crystal-clear tenor and melodic, lyrically direct songwriting present a remarkably
simple packaging for music so engaging. But sometimes, the greatest beauty lies in the simplest

A Brooklyn native, Angel grew up with a deejay for a father and was thus raised on legends
including Michael Jackson, Roy Orbison, and Simon & Garfunkel; these artists’ emotional
honesty and musically accomplished compositions have surely influenced Angel’s own songs.
But before he traveled the singer/songwriter road, he played drums in various bands. Weary of
life behind the kit, Angel took up the guitar; his lack of formal training led him to employ non-
standard tuning and chords, which he has used to great effect since moving to Philadelphia in
2010. That’s when Angel began pursuing his solo career, making home recordings, hitting open
mics, and meeting many important people in the scene. His 2013 EP “White Roses” includes
two such people, Anna K Jarosz on piano and vocals, and Christopher Davis-Shannon on bass.
It’s fitting that the three should collaborate, as they are all year-end finalists in the Philly Rising
open mic competition.

Angel Ocana has performed at venues including The Legendary Dobbs and World Café Live
Downstairs in Philadelphia and Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn and can be seen around these
areas frequently. Whether you see him in person or listen to his recordings, Angel is one of the
most sincere singer/songwriters you will find today.


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