Leftover Cuties

Leftover Cuties

Some things are eternal. Love songs. California sunsets. The ukulele.

Leftover Cuties embody all of that goodness on their debut album Places To Go. Produced by Tony Berg (Bob Dylan, Michael Penn, Jesca Hoop), the eleven breezy, sophisticated songs evoke a magic-hour stroll on the beach with a special someone. Who knows what year it is? Who cares when the songs are this sweet?

To call Leftover Cuties retro or throwback would be too easy, and frankly dismissive. Sure, the music fits beside Billie Holiday, but it’s also current in its sex appeal, its sophistication, its confidence. The Cuties’ music – plied with upright bass, accordion, the brushed drums, and yes, ukulele – is not slavishly old-timey, but honors its forebears in the right way. Melody. Sharp playing. Stylized, confident, character-laden singing.

When Leftover Cuties chanteuse Shirli McAllen steps to the microphone, she commands your attention because she’s got something to say. And a beguiling way of saying it. Sultry. Aching with longing, yet in control. She’s the Cuties’ charmer-in-charge, and her silky voice hooks you from the get-go. You keep looking to see bluebirds landing gently on her shoulder for a listen. You could hardly blame them.

When McAllen first moved to Los Angeles from her native Israel (where she served in the army), she was still finding her way musically. “I grew up listening to Israeli music, ‘90s grunge rock and singer songwriters,” she says. After a couple of years trying to make her mark in the city’s crowded singer-songwriter scene – a lot of good writers and singers, but not a lot of memorable personalities – she struck up a friendship with multi-instrumentalist Austin Nicholsen.

"One day, Austin walks in with a ukulele,” McAllen says, "I thought it was a toy. He started playing and I started singing the lyrics. We wrote 'Game Called Life' in about five minutes."

With a newly defined musical direction, the duo dubbed themselves Leftover Cuties (more enigmatic and distinctive than Old Clementines, and sweeter). Stuart Johnson (drums), Ryan Feves (bass), and Mike Bolger (keys, trumpet, horn and accordion) came on board to flesh out the sound, and the band was off and running. In 2010, that sweet tune written on a napkin in five minutes was tabbed as the theme song for the acclaimed Showtime series “The Big C” starring Laura Linney. The band’s fan base swelled, with fans emailing them from all over the world, and their live shows packing them in.

With a debut album that delivers on the promise of that early success, Leftover Cuties’ journey has just begun. They’ve got places to go…

- Written by Jonathan Palmer, Los Angeles, March 2011

The Genuine

"We believe that the premise of good music is a culmination of being honest in everything you do and living life as genuine as possible. The idea of “The Genuine” is to go out into the world and find other like-minded, genuine people to connect and share with and of course, not only with our music. Even as artists, teachers, bakers, candlestick makers! Our goal is to find a common frequency where we all reside." - The Genuine

North Carolina natives Devin Forkel, Matthew Allivato and Katelyn Brouwer each found their passion for music individually before coming together as a band.

Matt got his first guitar when he was eleven years-old and has been writing ever since. He was accepted to a school of music but, decided in stead to pursue a life of creativity and wanderlust which included building his own house after graduating high school.

After attending college for a short time studying chemistry, Katelyn decided to chase down more creative concoctions. She and Matthew had been been seeing each other for some time when she offered up her writing abilities one afternoon, that was the afternoon "The Spinning" was born, as well as many more to come.

The Genuine tied off the trio summer '12 with drummer and longtime friend Devin Forkel, who is classically trained in orchestral percussion. Devin attends college in Misenheimer, NC but shares the same drive and earnestness for music and life.

The band came to be out of a shared love for the experience of life and they look forward to sharing that again and again. Whether it's living room, cafe or bar, no number of miles or minutes can hold them back.

We don’t write music to live, we live to write music. That’s our sincerity, what’s yours?

$8.00 - $10.00

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