Colin Patrick

Colin Patrick currently resides in Denver, CO. Colin learned to play guitar and write songs whilst recovering from a soccer injury he suffered in college. Prior to the injury, Colin had hopes of becoming a professional soccer player but it was not meant to be, his love of music and songwriting took precedence and he began to write and record.
A self-taught guitarist and vocalist, Patrick crafts his sound with hypnotic dexterity and warm familiarity. His mix of pop, folk, blues and psychedelia appeals to a wide range of listeners, and has helped to gain him national recognition for his songwriting.
Seemingly so, he too is catching the eyes and ears of local musicians alike, and they are listening.
Colin Patrick won the honor of Colorado's solo-artist of the year, in December 2012.
He is signed under Gold Pan Records in Los Angeles, CA.

Singer/Songwriter, Dave Tamkin, currently resides in Boulder, CO. Dave Tamkin, has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic rock that's based around a fresh musical vision. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band experience encapsulating a mixture of personal lyrics and skilled songwriting set against a high-energy percussive backbone. While touring relentlessly all over the nation, he has shared the stage with Guster, Glen Phillips, The Samples, Rusted Root, Michael Galbicki, Butch Walker, Matt Wertz, Eric Hutchinson, Stroke 9, The Violent Femmes, Fountains of Wayne, Vertical Horizon, Will Hoge, Stephen Kellog and The Sixers, Willy Porter, Freddy Jones Band, Brian Vanderark, Rhett Miller of the Old 97s, and Carbon Leaf to name a few. Tamkin has a style that's hard to resist. His lyrics are unabashedly honest and his passion for playing is undying. He is currently touring nationally solo and plays the mid west with his band. Dave Tamkin and Co. create a distinct sound. Their equal parts create a sonic percussive assault mixed with a vivid, melodic instrumental bed, shaken with a twist of passionate vocal lines. And they'll make you shake your ass.

Rob Roper

Most musicians' careers begins in their youth. They form bands, perhaps record albums, perhaps tour, perhaps achieve a little fame. Then they get married, have kids, retire from the music career and get "real jobs". Misfit that he is, Rob Roper's music career is the opposite. Music was a hobby in his youth, but as he grew older, music gradually became more important in his life, until it became his career.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Roper spent his teenage years in Dallas, Texas. After college he left for Arizona and lived there for many years, playing music with various people, none of the groups ever getting anywhere. He moved to Denver in 2000, where he is now based. Originally a guitar player, he took up songwriting and singing in 2004. He has played his songs solo, with a band, and as a duo with Paul Ermisch on violin, at various venues in the Denver and Boulder area since 2007.

In 2011 Roper released his first full-length album, Misfit, produced by John McVey. In 2012 he released an 8-song acoustic album, The Other Side of Nowhere, featuring Paul Ermisch on violin. Roper and Ermisch are currently playing shows in Colorado to promote the new CD.

Jessica Dye

Jessica started her musical journey in Orlando,Florida
where she was founded by a small label, ROA records.
She recorded a couple of albums full of raw , gentle, ambient and
acoustic compositions.
She moved to Colorado in 2004 and has been playing about Denver ever since.
Built around her acoustic guitar, loop pedal and soft haunting vocals,
she carries a chord reminiscent of
Mazzy Star, yet holds a place all her own. Her lyrics are poetic,
metaphorical and yearning for an honest ear.
She wrote, recorded and mixed her most recent album "A Short Spell" in her home studio.
Jessica plays around Denver with her Bass player Chris Kolakowski, who also appears on
the album.

Chris Webb

Chris has been playing the guitar, singing and writing music for over 16 years. Music is his passion and his outlet for expression and creativity. Chris uses a unique song writing style infused with complex chords and intricate melodies to reach his listeners and draw them in. Chris loves strumming his acoustic guitar for music lovers… or encouraging people to get on their feet and dance with the funky rhythms of the Chris Webb Band.

Lately, Chris has been busy expanding his knowledge of music and form, while passing on his musical passion through teaching. Back in the day, Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Colorado, and has since released several albums of original material and toured the country playing from city to city.

Chris has shared the stage with many talented musicians, from Sister Hazel to Louden Wainwright, and has recently begun selling his music to the television and film industry.

Seth Taylor

Paige Barrette

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