TRAP featuring Money P, Lemonhead


Michael Medina, aka Lemonhead, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since he was born, he has had an intense passion for music. At a young age, he knew being involved in the music industry was his dream. His musical journey began in middle school when he joined the school marching band. He started off playing the xylophone and quickly progressed to playing drums and piano. When his 18th birthday rolled around, Lemonhead was faced with the choice of receiving his first car or getting dj equipment. Without hesitation, he chose the dj equipment and from there, his musical career took off. Starting in high school, Lemonhead began djing for his first house party. Word quickly spread around and he became known and liked among many of his peers. Not long after, his first gig was booked at a small restaurant where he performed mainly Latin music. As word continued to spread, he began performing at a well-known spot, Club Ampersand, and he remained a resident dj there for two years. Ampersand provided opportunity for Lemonhead to establish himself by doing parties with well-known artists such as Pitbull, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Tiesto and many more. Another well-known nightclub, The Metropolitan, booked Lemonhead two years in a row for one of their most popular events, "Fat Black". With his name growing quickly, Lemonhead found his gigs being more and more versatile which he soon became well-known for. After playing for so many different crowds, Lemonhead began to develop a love for electronic music and he knew this was his calling. He taught himself what he could on his own until 2011, when he began to enroll in multiple schools for production. Dubspot is a premier school specifically for the production of electronic music, while Point Blank is another school offering online courses for music production. In 2011, Lemonhead's career took flight as he established his image in the EDM scene with his first electronic residency. Eiffel Society's weekly Thursday night event, "Play", is a top spot in New Orleans for electronic music. This residency has allowed Lemonhead's energetic sets to be heard and loved by so many. With numerous residencies in New Orleans, multiple music production courses, and a well-established name, Lemonhead is well on his way to producing his first album and he continues to strive to better himself as both a dj and a producer.

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Republic, Xero Entertainment, & Poorboyz Productions proudly present: TRAP [electro + hip-hop] …featuring… + Money P [Force Feed Radio] + Lemonhead + Kayatik + DXXXY Plus our twerk team! In partnership with ‘Frikken Dance’!

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