Jimmy Whispers

Jimmy Whispers

"Gossip Wolf wouldn't go door-to-door with a boom box to spread the word about very many local artists, but in the case of Jimmy Whispers we might have to. Whispers, aka the solo project of Light Pollution main man James Cicero, has virtually no Internet presence—just a Chic-a-Go-Go video from last year where he sings into a corn dog—and it's driving us bonkers! Maybe you've seen his street art pasted up around the city, though: sharks with giant teeth, ice cream cones, Chicago Bulls insignia, and handguns, all emblazoned with the phrase "Summer in Pain." This summer he left copies of a Summer in Pain zine in record-store doorways, filled with ruminations on broken romance, the attempt to transcend pain through forgiveness, Chicago's gun violence, and "a heartbeat crying out through the distortion in this burnt out fucked up universe." Whispers let us check out his obsessive lo-fi pop hymns—he's looking for a label, so they're still unreleased—and they're like the zine and street art in song form. Recording with an iPhone and accompanying himself with tones and beats from a cheesy funeral-home organ, he sounds like a mix of Daniel Johnston and Kirk Franklin. " - J. R. Nelson - Chicago Reader

Magic Milk

MAGIC MILK is or has been: kenny, nick, magic maggie, fox, sam, sher, GOONS, nico, ben, rebekah, erin, cat cave, tara, josh, izzy, monte, steve, and jeff.

it's band about diss-apointment and terrible friends.... that you can dance to.

Names Divine

Names Divine will be performing new songs folk and rock in a dark acid Appalachian drone style. Swim Calhoun, Ike Floor, Joe Dummitt, and Kalina Malyszko make up the lineup. Getting weird since '09 and they want you to come be with them.


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