The Paul Collins Beat

The Paul Collins Beat

Paul Collins has been making hits for 40 years…from The Nerves to The Beat to The Paul Collins Beat year after year of quality rock n roll that has stood the test of time.
In the true spirit of the DIY ethic, anything is possible. Mr. Paul Collins has taken his brand of DIY Touring to extraordinary lengths, tours of Australia, Japan and even China, all done in the DIY, Grassroots style of the 21st Century. Emails, Facebook and Skype are the major components of how Mr. Collins, AKA The King of Power Pop arranges tours all over the globe. These tours are humble affairs revolving around ordinary clubs and venues and almost exclusively with young up and coming bands.
Mr. Collins’s forte is touring at ground level with as bare bones an operation as possible; these are shows for the everyday rock fan not big ticket shows that break people’s pocket. Mr. Collins knows who he is and what he can do: play balls to the walls power pop music to a crowd not more than ten feet away, this, in his opinion is where the real rock lives, always has and thank god, always will. As Mr. Collins likes to say…“There are a lot of worlds out there but the one that exists in these small clubs all over the globe is exciting and fun it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”
In what has become a tradition with The Paul Collins Beat, Paul will be joined by three young talented musicians from New Jersey, known around town as The Low Doses who represent the new guard of musician’s around the globe that have picked up the torch to carry on what Mr. Collins and his contemporaries started many years ago in the last century…if you dig vibrant rock n roll played with passion and honesty then make a point of coming out to one of these shows, you will not be disappointed…

The 509ers

The 509ers are a garage rock band who hail from the New Haven, CT. They've been kicking around the local music scene for three decades and formed as The 509ers in 2008. They recently released their fourth EP, Late to the Party.

The Radiation

The Radiation is a late 60’s style garage punk revivalist band from Bristol, Connecticut.
The band has captured the essence of the Sixties garage punk revolution - a hard rocking youthful angst, awash in waves of shimmery psychedelics, and delivered like brass knuckles on a proto-punk punch. Is the band groovy? Yes!
The Radiation will blow your mind with a carefully selected and blended mixture of energetic originals, obscure psychedelic rave-ups, and thrashing vintage punk nuggets, all sprinkled with a few classic 60’s B-sides.

$8.00 - $10.00

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