APN_Music, We Get Live Entertainment and Herman's Hideaway present "Step Up and Get Live" the search for Denver's top performance MC! Starting April 14th, Denver's talent will start squaring off, with a $4000 cash grand prize!

Rules for entry:

This is a contest for an MC fronted performance group. The winner will be able to stage a show that competes at the national level. You are encouraged (but not required) to include live DJs and other musical performers as part of your set.

You must have at least 2 songs to perform in the preliminary round. You must have 5 songs ready for semifinals, and 8 should you make it to the final.

Winner each night will be determined by three factors:
1.) Your draw at the door
2.) Crowd response as measured by DB meter
3.) Judge's panel: including sponsors, special guests and someone from APN_Music.

For registration, sponsorship and general information contact:


D-Re'll, a name that means Realities. Experience. from Living. Life (or Real Ill). Born Kyle Davis, native to Brooklyn, New York from two West Indian parents whom originated from St. Vincent. During his childhood, his parents made the decision to move to Colorado. It was a decision that would change his life forever.
At a very young age he was influenced by musical genres such as reggae, soca & caylapso and pop. These genres soon transcended to his love for Hip-Hop and R&B. While embracing his new found passion, he wrote his first lyrics at the age of twelve. From then on he knew exactly who he was, and what he wanted to do. For the next two years he would dedicate his time solely to perfecting his craft. On his fourteenth birthday however, he received a keyboard that challenged not only the way he wrote, but the way he delivered his sound. As his sound started to take a tone of its own lyrically and instrumental wise, he began to learn the engineering side of music.
By the age of seventeen he released a c.d in his high school under his former imprint of One of the Best Entertainment. His label catered to artist that embraced the same sounds he fell in love with early on. By nineteen he released a compilation c.d with local artists, and friends using all self produced original music. From that moment forth, he knew that he could be what every label wanted and all fans adored. He has taken his musical knowledge, all self taught, and created a form of music he can't stop talking about. From his 1st keyboard, to recording analog with a 4-track recorder, he has mastered hand on as well as digital.
Now as the owner of imprint of Coldest In It, his respect for the art of music has grown, and now given the ability to mark history in a purely positive way. Leaving you with this he would say would be his message to the world....
"Life's cycles come and go. What part of the cycle you are in, determines the situation you go through.” As well as "Don't be afraid to be yourself. The more you are yourself, the more people are attracted to you."
He has done his homework, and is ready to show that the only test in his way that can hold himself back is his dedication.

Colorados New Era (C_n_E)



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