The Gang Age

The Gang Age

It's May in Philadelphia and already the humid sweat drips on dirty basement tile floors and orange Broad Street subway lines rumble the snares, 20Hz if you dare. In this heat, the highest virtue is exhaled chromatic air lit with the dust of Fiona Apple and Cat Power streaming from below the pavement. This is The Gang Age.

Linus In The Sapphire

Linus in the Sapphire is a songwriting merger between pianist Laura Fisher and guitarist Mike Britt. Separately, the pair has written and recorded hundreds of dream pop, trip hop, progressive rock, pop, alternative, shoe-gaze, acoustic industrial, neo-classical, and modal improvisational pieces. In late 2012, they surprised their friends and fans by coming together to compose a double L.P., exploring musical pathways of mutual interest in a cohesive and refreshing way. After scattered NYC performances with the Microkorg and Rm1x drum machine, the duo has been joined by engineers / composers / instructors Dion Paci (drums) and Zach LoPresti (bass) who continue to expand and build upon the Linus songs with fresh, inventive, and complex mastery.


Upperfields is made from the musical partnership of Shaun Gould’s ardent, soul-searching alt-folk and Lee Clarke’s adventurous electronic pop. Joined by Justin Leigh (drums) and Justin Nawn (Lead Guitar), they make music that is expansive, lyrical, and richly layered. One writer has aptly described it thus: ‘sunset soundscapes and optimistic anthems’.

One hears from Upperfields an evident desire to connect, to lift and transcend, something of the questing Neil Young and the meditative Leonard Cohen, but with a unique and profound sense of hopefulness.
When one interviewer asked where this hopefulness came from, Gould responded like this: ‘I believe that our ultimate reality is to progress towards a loving Creator, and that humanity — despite great difficulty and suffering — is progressing towards a goal of love and unity. All art, but music particularly, has this power to help us with that, to lift our spirits and remind of us of our noble selves.’

A creative process of intense devotion will culminate this July 1st with the release of Upperfields’ first album, Waterways. The seed of the album began with one intense marathon session of home-recording in January, with drummer Justin Leigh recording all his parts in an epic three hours of masterful first takes. Further sessions through Winter and Spring saw the sharp outlines of Gould’s originals filled and transformed by Clarke’s gorgeous, polyphonic layers of synth and Justin Nawn’s piercing and soaring lead guitar. The finished tracks were then sent on to Chris Freeland of Baltimore’s Beat Babies Studio for mixing.

Two singles have already been released online and have drawn attention for their sweet melodies, raw production, and powerful lyrical imagery: “Seascape”, premiered with World Cafe Live music blog, The Key, and “Runner”, premiered with admired taste-maker, YVYNYL. There are four more songs left on the album, and Clarke and Gould affirm the best is yet to come.



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