Dreamer, a hard rock band from central florida who have been playing together since 2009, is deeply indebted to their sound. After releasing an EP produced by Matt Goldman of Glow in the Dark Studios (Copeland, The Chariot, As Cities Burn) Dreamers vision became clear; providing a completely uninhibited reformation of good ole' rock n' roll. The band continuously works at recording and performing some of the area's freshest and most innovative music today.

Goodnight Neverland

We just want to play shows and hang out with you swell folks! Check our EP out on Itunes, Spotify, and now FREE on noise trade.


Stockholm was formed in the summer of 2009 among four friends who shared the same tastes and appreciation of music. The group began piecing together a small set of original songs, built around previous ideas from individual members. Soon after, completely original ideas began to emerge that eventually lead to some of Stockholm‘s best critically-received songs.

Ghost Of Mississippi

Rock and Roll from Central Florida.


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