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Stolen Babies

Los Angeles-based post-everything unit Stolen Babies are as crunchy as they are curious, glamorous as they are gothic and diabolical as they are transcendentally dynamic. With Dominique Lenore Persi (vocals, accordion) and twin brothers Gil and Rani Sharone (drums and bass, respectively) at its core, Stolen Babies are genuinely raising the bar with their wild synergy of math-metal power, opiate atmospheres and Brechtian cabaret.

Stolen Babies’ debut album, There Be Squabbles Ahead, arrived in 2006, and it seems none of the genres they traipsed through would ever recover. Heavy-metal mazurkas buttressed against funhouse film scores and laudanum-punk rave-ups, while Persi conjured everyone from Edith Piaf to Judy Garland to the shrieking turbines of a Boeing 747. The following year, the band embarked on a seven-week tour sponsored by Revolver Magazine. They were first on a bill of four, with the headlining slot belonging to the highly regarded metal act, Lacuna Coil. But instead of being eaten alive by that band’s dedicated fan base, Stolen Babies hit a nerve with the headbanging faithful, selling tons of copies of Squabbles and other merchandise. Critics and bloggers were making themselves arthritic trying to bang out an all-encompassing reduction of the Stolen Babies’ raison d’être.

While parts of Squabbles could, at various junctures, feel as random and violent as a knife fight in pitch-black darkness, Naught shows a retooling of the Babies’ vision, influenced by all of their individual experiences during their break while raising the level of the group’s virtuosity. These days, the band’s utility boilerplate tag for what they do is “experimental rock,” a designation Persi is most comfortable with. It’s a position shared by the band’s growing fan base—listeners who want to go on a journey, instead of seeking out mere sonic wallpaper.

Official Video for "Push Button"


Oakland, CA-based miRthkon is an amplified chamber ensemble masquerading as a rock band. This illusion is well maintained by the fact that from time to time they do indeed, rock. Maintaining an aesthetic stance that they are (quite happily) 'beneath everything', their music -- whether evoking the influence of progressive rock, contemporary classical abstraction, avant-garde jazz, catchy hook-laden pop, or thrash metal -- is held to a simple but firm standard: Does it sound good? 2009 saw the release of their debut album VEHICLE on the renowned Italian progressive music label AltrOck Productions and they were soon sharing the stage with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, District 97, Kayo Dot, and Stolen Babies, to name a few. In July 2012 AltrOck released their highly anticipated feature-length concert film/surrealistic documentary/conspiracy thriller (Format) on DVD. In June 2013 miRthkon will headline the inaugural edition of SeaProg, a festival of avant-rock in Seattle, sharing the stage with the legendary Thinking Plague. In September of 2013 they will release their 2nd album on AltrOck followed by a European supporting tour, including a performance at the prestigious Rock In Opposition Festival in Carmaux, France

Free Salamander Exhibit

After a dozen years, three studio albums, and some of the strangest haircuts in the business, art-metal ensemble Sleepytime Gorilla Museum closed its doors in 2011. Now three of its core members — guitarist/vocalist Nils Frykdahl, bassist/vocalist Dan Rathbun, and multi-instrumentalist Michael Mellender — have grabbed a few cohorts (including original drummer David Shamrock) to offer the presumably bizarre Free Salamander Exhibit.

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