Kingdom of Giants, Reformers, +TBA (Email if your band is wanting to play this show

Kingdom of Giants

Kingdom Of Giants consists of 5 members from all different backgrounds with 1 thing in common, we all love making music together. We keep it heavy, we keep it clean, we keep it dirty. KOG status.


Reformers was established in 2012 consisting of members of both Chasing Truth and Long Live The King. Reformers exists to bring glory and honor to Jesus, the King of Kings, and lives to see the impossibilities of this world bow their knee to the name of Jesus. Our mission is to establish the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and make known the glory and beauty of the man Christ Jesus to every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

Join us in our mission to see Jesus glorified by setting your heart to live for something more than yourself. Be the remnant that rises up and lives fearless and bold in the face of a world who is desperate for an encounter with God. Be a reformer.

$10.00 - $12.00


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