Addison Groove Project

Addison Groove Project

On Saturday, September 21st, Boston's Addison Groove Project (AGP) will be performing live in NYC/Brooklyn for the first time in over 5 years. AGP began performing club shows in when the members were in high school and quickly gained a reputation among local promoters and music fans alike. Their performances were high energy, musically tight, and inventive. Over the course of ten years the band was able to self-release 3 studio albums and 2 live albums. They performed all across the country, successfully completing 6 national tours, including such prestigious venues as Wetlands & Irving Plaza in New York City, The Higher Ground in Burlington, and the Abbey Pub in Chicago. They also performed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, along with other summer music festivals across the country. They headlined several two night stands at the Paradise, as well as co-headlining the Palladium in Worcester and the Somerville Theater. They were named by Boston Magazine as the “Best Funk or Jamband” of 2005.

Their music has been called “a sophisticated mix of funk, R&B and jazz,” “sharp, horn-driven,” and “high energy, highly danceable jazz funk.”

David Bronson

Seven years ago NYC-based singer-songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist David Bronson left a burgeoning New York indie rock band to begin a necessary calling: the realization of a 22-song autobiographical concept record that had overtaken his interior life.

Collectively titled The Long Lost Story, the project is a two-installment narrative chronicling a Pandora’s box of an emotional journey, originally stemming from a failed relationship that destabilized Bronson and thrust him into a slate-cleaning, introspective quest. Bronson has now released Story, the 11-track second half of the project; its prequel The Long Lost will be released at a later date.

“The project started in the aftermath of a traumatic relationship and it became a retelling of my own journey getting through that; really a metaphor of growth. But, over time, it also became very much about the completion of the thing itself, ‘Can I do this?’ It became all consuming, and a real test, of sorts,” Bronson explains of the project’s dual emotional trajectories.

Story sets sail with the following opening lyric from “The Turns”: You told me it was too much/ I said that's exactly how I want it, so/ We, although nothing could be gained, gave it everything just the same/ So we grabbed on tight and held fast just like a child/ And watched the best idea so quickly turn the worst one, though/ In those few hundred times you gave to me the whole, the full inside, a single lifetime.

It’s a telling entrance to a richly detailed and layered album experience in that it reveals Bronson’s sense of commitment — romantic and idealistic — and hints at the ways in which this amorous resilience unravels into a transformative existential crisis. It’s a daunting conceptual undertaking: using the arc of a relationship as a metaphor not only for the scope of an entire life's development, but also for the complex and difficult process of completing a highly personal artistic project.

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