Midnight Sinners

Midnight Sinners

Midnight Sinners is a good time bluesy/rock band from the southside of Chicago, playing every type of venue/event from festivals to private parties.

Curse Of The Creeps

4 scoundrels secretly snagged out of different bands around the neighborhood to form the creepish sound that will take the world by storm.

Bittersweet & The B-Sides

From the blacktop and concrete of Chicago’s southside comes Bittersweet & The B-Sides. Formed in 2011, this 7 piece band mixes blues, jazz, rock and pop to create a genre that is unique, original and has a style all its own. Fronted by three female vocalists and a blend of beautiful harmonies and catchy hooks, "The B-Sides" capture the attention of audiences and leave their fans screaming for more!

Clare Adella

Clare Adella’s soulful, evocative voice and original songs that are at once powerful and vulnerable make for a stunning combination: performances that overflow with beauty, insight, honesty and deep feeling. Clare, who grew up in Taiwan, now calls Chicago home. She performs at venues here such as the Mayne Stage, Uncommon Ground and Goose Island, and released her debut recording, Word for Word, in 2012.



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