Sex Therapy as Janis Joplin

Sex Therapy as Janis Joplin

Hailing from Chicago, Sex Therapy is a unique, all original American Rock band that delivers. The Juggernaut behind Sex Therapy is main songwriter, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Cassy Baxter whose prose about love conquered, lost or otherwise, blends effortlessly with the bands tight rhythms. The Sex Therapy pulse is Jack McClain whose precision percussion rotations and bombastic movements drive Sex Therapy! To help guide the pulse is Stevens Stokes whose bass playing on “Letters to Frank” (album) and guitar leads demonstrate his years of honing 80’s rock guitar and give Sex Therapy a sound that is unique, but yet time-proven. Co-producer and musician Jamie Wagner adds keyboards and covers the bass duties on tour for Sex Therapy.

The Truss

The Truss, is a Chicago based band best described as DMB meets Incubus. With Michael C. Hayes fronting the group, The Truss has an original sound with a strong focus on the “Live Show” experience. Forming in late 2012, the band is currently recording their debut Ep at Lennon’s Den Studio’s with Colin Peterik (son of Jim Peterik, Survivor/Ides Of March) set to release this spring. Be on the look out for tour dates as The Truss takes Chicago by storm this summer!

The Truss is:
Michael C. Hayes- Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vox
Matt Hines- Lead Guitar/Backing Vox
Andrew Neel- Bass Guitar
Maurice Jones- Drums

Out For Hours

Whether it be performing music live at coffee shops, clubs and bars, or spinning house tracks at venue's across the world, over the past several years both Chris Ulrich and Frankie Monacella let music consume their lives. Getting together in the Summer of 2003, Chris and Frankie formed what became the creative tandem known as Out For Hours. Since then, the duo has written several songs together.

As the songs began to evolve, the fan base grew, and so did the band. In the summer of 2004 Out For Hours welcomed drummer Paul Wilhelm and bassist Mark Vazquez. Paul brought his talents to the University of Illinois, becoming a regular in the local music scene, while Mark demonstrated diverse styles of bass guitar as a member of The University of Chicago Jazz Ensemble. 2008 brought Pauls brother, Adam Wilhelm, to Out For Hours on keys. Classically trained, Adam focused on diverse styles of Jazz and Ska while at Knox College. Playing in several multi-genre bands, it's needless to say that both Paul and Adam Wilhelm as well as Vazquez entered Out For Hours as well-seasoned musicians, adding the styling and positive energy that can't help but attract an audience.

Out For Hours has been described as a "melodic rock band with a pop and funk edge," and it's the dedication to its songs that inspires the band to keep writing. Their energetic sound unique lyrics attract audiences of all types and ages. Out For Hours gives a part of themselves to every audience. This is what keeps people listening

Villains Company

Villains Company is a Rock group from Chicago, IL but you wouldn’t know it by their music. This five piece band uses all of their musical influences to create a vast array of diverse music, from soulful ballads and anthem laced rock, to delta blues and everything in between. With tones from the 60’s and 70’s and an eye on the future, Villains Company continues to write music that takes the listener on a journey through musical wormholes. Villains Company is:
John Harrington (Piano), Junior Antunez (Acoustic Guitar), Johnny Lira (Electric Guitar), Jon Billman (Bass), Jeff Holdsworth (Drums/Percussions).

Villains Company has been working on a new album scheduled for an late 2011, (New Years Eve) release. The album is a result of months of collaborations, trials and tribulations. The blood, sweat, and tears that went into the construction of this album helped shape the group’s vision and a stronger, more eclectic band emerged.

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