The Bronx are a band from Los Angeles, California who began playing punk rock in 2002. Their original goal was to bring passionate, blood-and-sweat punk rock into the 21st Century. Their first self-titled album was released in 2003 on White Drugs. For their second self-title the band signed with Island Records and went on to play music with a hard rock influence that still retained their original punk stylings. The Bronx has since returned to punk rock, yet uniquely with a dual mariachi persona, as is planned for their upcoming double release. The current line up is: Matt Caughthran (vocals), Joby J. Ford (guitar), Ken Horne (guitar), Jorma Vik (drums) and Brad Magers (bass). They were signed to Island Records shortly after they were formed, with the popular belief being they only had twelve live shows under their belt. Ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke helped The Bronx produce their first Demo.
The band retained the rights to their self-titled debut album which was released through licensing deals in several territories via their newly formed label, white drugs. It was around this release that they quickly garnered a rabid following in many parts of the world - namely the United States, UK/Europe and Australia - as the result of heavy touring, intense live shows and their unusual blend of 1980’s punk and modern day rock music.

Lasers and Fast and Shit

"besides having one of the best band names, LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT also have one hell of a propulsive fiery art damaged punk sound........
mix in the brash angular punk of LES SAVY FAV, the garage thump of the MISTREATERS, the hardcore thrash of DOUBLE DAGGER and the noise riffing of DRIVE LIKE JEHU.... and maybe throw in some BIG BLACK, NATION OF ULYSSES and JESUS LIZARD for good measure..... what you get is some of the most engaging hardcore tinged punk rock that doesn't follow those boring old formulas......"

Black Actress

"Dangerous bad ass boys have the guts to blend the best of late 70's glam, 80's Hollywood sleaze, and the Motor City's musical early heavy sounds."
-Michael Rys (

Formed in the spring of 2008, Black Actress delivers an authentic, high energy rock and roll insemination: bringing an action packed live show and bombastic recordings to new fans and friends all over the country. Having shared stages with the likes of Electric Frankenstein, New Bomb Turks, Red Fang, The Adicts, Nashville Pussy, L.A. Guns and many more. The heroes and pirates of the music history we know and love shine in this Chicago explosive.



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