Operazoo is a christian experimental band from the madera area and they all have a passion for music and god.

Anchoress’ members collided in Vancouver, Canada, in late 2010, and from the attrition are chipped bursts of ‘post hardcore punk rock’n’roll’ that make up their set lists.

Ricky Castanedo plays bass, Keenan Federico plays guitar, Rob Hoover hollers, and Chris Lennox-Aasen drums.

Mane Horse

The Horse I Rode

The Horse I Rode is a post-hardcore band from Fresno, California. Best known for their relentless waves of converging guitar lines cemented by a powerhouse rhythm section, the band makes sure to match their sound with a live set packed with frantic energy.

The band's formation began in the summer of 2012. Roger Hallaway and Brandon Mendez were both invited to a writing session by a mutual friend. Despite never having played together, they would immediately take note of a good writing chemistry between them. They would go on to start a new band and begin writing right away. After some convincing, the lineup would be solidified with the addition of Austin Martin and Adan Alcala.

About six months after formation, the band would enter the studio with producer Matthew Bedrosian (From Indian Lakes) to record their debut album.

Released in the summer of 2013, Black Mirage would be supported by an interstate tour with Dependence.

The band is currently working on a four-track EP to support their upcoming winter tour.

$6.00 - $8.00


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