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Dirty Little Thieves

Dirty Little Thieves is the DJ/Producer duo of Arize and Dsquise (the rhyme scheme although coincidental, we believe is fate, and we like romantic comedies) who bring extreme energy and extremely dirty electro music to your cochlea's. They call us the Certified Booty Bouncers, and by they we mean we and we speak for everyone. Prepare to Booty Bounce!

$3.00 - $5.00


Join us on Wednesday May 22nd for a night to remember!! Element Entertainment is ready to strut their stuff and bring you a Hyphy Color fashion show!!! Come check out your summer festival fashions for girls and guys! 21+ FREE//18-20 $5 before 11!! Lineup: Stereo Force DJ Shua Dsquise of Dirty Little Thieves Presented by: Hyphy Color & Element Entertainment LLC

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