Indie Showcase with Kate Ball, Juka, Autodrone, Invisible Days, Jesske Hume & Areni Agbabian, Maia Pillot

Kate Ball

Multi-instrumentalist and song-writer, Kate Ball resides in Brooklyn, New York where she composes an array of angst-driven mostly-acoustic melodica via guitar and vocals. Kate Ball's fingerpicking, palm mutes, and pretty-power melodies are distinct and immediately recognizable by a virgin or seasoned ear.



Autodrone formed in early 2002, based on a mutual love of dream pop and early 90’s Brit Rock. Seemlessly melding the sonic dynamics of noise and pop with throbbing bass lines, jagged, angular synths, searing dark atmospheric guitars and urgently violent banshee vocals, Autodrone have no problem reaching out from the stage to the crowd, grabbing you by the throat, and screaming in your face, even when in reality sometimes they are only whispering.

Their shows are an intense emotional surge for the band and audience alike. Their self-released EPs have quickly developed the attention of the UK and American Press garnering universally favorable reviews, while easily selling out of print. This year, Autodrone signed to Clairecords - Catch them everywhere in the US, UK and Europe in 2009! Look for Strike A Match in stores, November 11th 2008. or order it direct from

Invisible Days

relative volume and loss of equilibrium.
We formed a few years ago ///
We have played the crap out of this city and a few others.
We are currently working on our first LP, writing and recording in various ways ///
Release date some time in 2013.

Previous releases include two 7" singles which can be accessed, listened to, bought, taken for free, or whatever from our website link below.

Jesske Hume & Areni Agbabian

Maia Pillot

folk-rock with a hint of soul



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