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Worth Road was founded in August 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida by James Tansey and Adam Cotton trying to revive a past project that the two were a part of in high school. Over the course of the next six months they were introduced to, and eventually brought on as full members, Christian Mills, Stephen Handley, and Ben Sheffield to help accomplish their vision for Worth Road as the now almost completely new band. With Adam and James leading worship for Switzerland Community Church and Stephen, Ben, and Christian leading worship for Fruit Cove Baptist the guys have gathered a loyal following in the surrounding areas and quickly started writing and making plans to record an EP, titled "Redirection" to release to their quickly growing fanbase with a full length album titled "Ghosts We Knew" scheduled for later this year.

Worth Road's music speaks to the Christian and non-Christian alike with messages of imperfection and dependence on The Father along with messages of growing up and changing for the better. Although their original music differs from their worship leading alternatives, they never shadow the focus of bringing glory to God and speaking the Gospel to whoever will listen, be it through music or just simply conversation. Though not a worship album, "Ghosts We Knew" yields itself heavily to underlying messages of Christianity having been inspired by C.S. Lewis' book "The Great Divorce". "The whole story is this group of ghosts who, from Hell, get to go visit Heaven and the whole book is their conversation with the angels, and it's all about these angels trying to convince the ghosts to let go of the things that they desperately want to hold on to from Hell and to embrace Heaven... That book made me think about my own life and these songs are what came out," says Adam Cotton about the inspiration for the album.

Worth Road is working hard to create veracious music that relates to everyone through experience and openness, and to finish the albums they've started while playing shows to promote their ideals on life and not giving up so that everyone might hear the Good News and be encouraged to take off the limitations that we've all grown accustomed to. Come talk to us at our shows and tell us your story, we promise to continue telling ours.

Arbor Park

What makes the band, Arbor Park, special? These guys hail from the sunny beaches of Jacksonville, Florida, and they exhibit a level of musical talent, passion, and experience that would normally come from a much older group.

Home schooling provided all of these band members the time needed to do what they love--play music!
Jake Sykes, lead singer and songwriter for the group, plays multiple instruments and writes tunes with meaningful and soulful lyrics. He’s the kind of guy who would be happy spending all day with his guitar or at the piano, creating. Keyboardist Aaron Eiginger has the ability to play complicated classical masterpieces, and his background adds another dimension to the music; in addition, the Hatch brothers, Carson on electric and
Andrew on the bass, interject perfect groove and rhythm, which further compliments the heartbeat of the music,
driven by drummer, Gill West. West’s drumming technique has been recognized as “beyond his years” and brings to mind many well-known drummers, including Keith Moon of the Who and Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band. Each musician adds his individual style and ability to the group, which produces songs with impressive technical effects and toe-tapping beats that remain in the heads of listeners.

Early participation in their church music programs such as choir, praise and worship performances, and even large church orchestra performances has given these guys lots of experience, making them comfortable on stage no matter how large the audience. Fans are treated to a show which leaves them humming the catchy tunes and tapping their toes, wanting more.
In June of 2013, the band gave its first performance at Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, dedicating its time and ticket sales to the non-profit cause A Beach for EveryBODY (www.Abeachforeverybody.weebly.com), co-founded by Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Leah Sykes and her parents, Brad and Vicki Sykes. Since June, the guys have been asked to perform in multiple well-known concert venues such as Freebird Live and Jack Rabbits, for the Big Ticket Battle of the Bands.
Arbor Park has also returned to Murray Hill two times to open for national bands Royal Tailor and The Digital Age, bringing with them a growing group of fans who are openly pleased with the new songs added to the set. After playing for the homecoming ceremony of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Leah Sykes, they were invited to play for the Miss Florida Pageant in July of 2014, and they recently dedicated their time again to Tunes
for Tots, playing to raise money for children’s charities such as Make a Wish Foundation. They will finish out the
year by performing at Murray Hill’s annual Christmas Cover Show on December 20th and take a turn backing their
friend, Leah Sykes, when she sings at Jack Rabbits on Dec. 28th.
2014 starts off with the band’s first headline show on January 31, 2014 at Murray Hill, where their performances began in 2013. They are also putting together their new cd, which will include favorites such as Music, Toy to You, and What’s Music For? Currently, their songs All I Need and Getaway Car can be found online at iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Also online is Angel, written and sung by previous band member Joseph Mendum,
now a solo artist.

Arbor Park is a group of young men who want to make a difference for others by using the gifts and the passion God gave them. That means coming together to make music that leaves others smiling and wondering what these guys are all about. Ask them!

Jamie Messer

Aspiring worship leader & Singer/Songwriter

$8.00 - $10.00


STANDING ROOM ONLY (with limited seating available)-NO LARGE BAGS-NO SMOKING IN VENUE-NO RE-ENTRY. Sound at the Murray Hill Theatre provided by AVL Productions www.avlproductions.com

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