Beyond The Shore, Controlled Demise

Beyond The Shore

Among the thousands of metal/hardcore bands flooding the scene, it's rare to find a band with a positive message and unique music. With lyrics depicting both spiritual as well as heart-felt messages, this band has been captivating their audience and taking the stage by storm. BEYOND THE SHORE is a mix of metal and hardcore, which results in a metal-core band ready to destroy when they take the stage. From hammering melodic riffs followed by explosive breakdowns, machine-gun-sounding drums and such brutal vocals comes a band of close friends that are blessed to do what they love so passionately.

In 2008, the Lexington-Fayette, KY quintet formed when the members were still in high school. Relentlessly booking shows, touring and balancing school at the same time, BEYOND THE SHORE still managed to leave every audience breathless. Sharing the stage with such acts as Born Of Osiris, Shai Hulud, MyChildren MyBride, Of Machines, After The Burial and many more, BEYOND THE SHORE created quite a buzz for themselves in the little time they have been around.

The band's first release, "The Arctic Front" EP (2009), was produced by Kelly Cairns and recorded at Lambesis Studios (As I Lay Dying, War Of Ages, Austrian Death Machine, Impending Doom) in San Marcos, California. The band's debut album helped to build an impressive internet buzz, starting with the release of the first single "Shotgun Sunrise." After playing several shows in support of the debut EP, BEYOND THE SHORE began work on their full-length, Ghostwatcher.

In 2012, BEYOND THE SHORE headed to Lowell, NC to record the their first full-length, which was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Newland of Newland Recordings and began talks with labels as well as exploring the option of releasing on their own. BEYOND THE SHORE caught the notice of legendary metal label, Metal Blade Records, who they signed with in December of 2012.

Controlled Demise

Controlled Demise hails from Denver, Colorado and 5 different backgrounds, but they have one vision with their music. Stevie and Chepe are the founders of Controlled Demise. Many people have auditioned for positions in the band, but only the best have prevailed in joining. With the addition of Zack in 2007 Controlled Demise found the front man. With the recent departure of Brandon and Chris we have added Gabe and Josh. We have a sound that mixes hardcore and a melodic sound... Melodicore. With Denver as the home base and the world in sight, Controlled Demise will not be defeated. We have played with bands such as, Illuminati, Subject of Change, Smackfactor, Hate By Example, Pitsix, Multiple Death Syndrome, Between The Dead, Mr. Patterson, Torrid Flesh, Nine Tenths of The Law, Brothel, Angelic Desolation, Cruxvae, Goddamn, Steel Blade Vengeance, Such as I am, Saved By Ruin, Zahar, No 1 Left Standing, Phoenix Rising, Underminer, Calculating Genocide, Face Full of Handle, In Chase of Autumn, Paynevendor, Tripsin Effect, Revelation Union, The Disciples, Cherry Bomb, A Harlem Sunset, Stoned Scared, Tony Two Tone, Cerial Viktum, Of Sins and Sorrows, Beneath Shadows, Counter Crisis, Wading Through Corpes, Cider Court, Signs of Tragedy, Can't Quit Get Right, Last Tragedy, Entangled, Sign of Tragedy, The Skull Crows, Everything In Between. National Acts: PsychoStick and Screaming Mechanical Brains.



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