Bittersweet & The B-Sides

Bittersweet & The B-Sides

From the blacktop and concrete of Chicago’s southside comes Bittersweet & The B-Sides. Formed in 2011, this 7 piece band mixes blues, jazz, rock and pop to create a genre that is unique, original and has a style all its own. Fronted by three female vocalists and a blend of beautiful harmonies and catchy hooks, "The B-Sides" capture the attention of audiences and leave their fans screaming for more!

The Sons

The Bag You Live In

TheBAG was formed in the early dawn of 2001, when Capitol Hill's Woodlands and Skin teamed up with The Elderly Apes' Flo and Newport. The quartet of funk-fueled mayhem began writing right off the cuff, with Woodlands leading the way with his seemless array of both rif-based funk/rock and melodic chords. With Flo's booming bass and Skin's tight-knit beats, Newport tied it all together with his abstract lyrics and random, live gyrations.

For years, TheBAG was the go-to band for house parties and local watering holes. Wanting more, TheBAG pursued other venues around Chicago, eventually playing well known spots like The House of Blues, Double Door and US Beer Company, which they drank out of alcohol.

In 2007 TheBAG welcomed long time friend and collaborator Stained, but due to different styles Stained left shortly thereafter and is now a part of Chapter Zero. Shortly after, TheBAG welcomed MC Scotty Rounds to the mix. With his hard hitting delivery, Rounds filled the position of MC and added his crushing rap vocals to the mix. However, after a great album and a lot of awesome collaboration, TheBAG once again went down to the original four members.

Now TheBAG enters a new phase, one that brings more maturity to their sound. Stay tuned!



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