Evolution Music is showcasing hundreds of bands and artists spanning a wide variety of genres, ages, and experience levels across the nation!

We’re offering this opportunity to both established bands, djs, and singers who have been playing for years and up-and-coming artists with only a few shows under their belt. It is our mission to help any musician, at any level, develop and advance.

The purpose of this event is to give aspiring artists the full EXPERIENCE of a professional live concert production at a world class venue, an EDUCATION that will teach them the ropes of both the music business and professional concert production, and EXPOSURE to thousands of potential fans and seasoned veterans of the music industry! Through this festival artists will have the opportunity to network with new fans, other artists, promoters, managers, booking agents, club owners, creative graphic designers, local apparel companies, photographers and more from all around the country! The Evolution Music Tour also educates artists about TOURING with the unique opportunity to play as many other cities on the tour as they are able!

Some rules and restrictions may apply. For more details and booking contact chicago@evolutionmusictour.com!

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Congress Theater

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