The Last Dinosaur, Me Equals You

The Last Dinosaur

"Their latest EP, Tales, is a melodic blend of guitar and vocal driven post-rock. The team puts together a nice blend of off-kilter beats with pleasantly repetitive guitar hooks and vocals that range from melodic to passionately raised yelling.
"Tales is Indie / Rock at its very best; superbly written, wonderfully mixed in the studio and clearly a band with bundles of energy and talent. It's not often I run out of adjectives to help paint a picture for music, but I fear I may do on this occasion.

Each song is well written, well balanced, and well produced. I can see The Last Dinosaur becoming much bigger than their hometown in the near future, if some wicked smart record company will scoop them up quickly enough."-PJ Hagerty, Thoughts and Aquisitions blog

Me Equals You

Me Equals You was started in 2010 by Hayden Chance, Zack Ellis, Cody Scarborough and some former members, The group came up with the name Me Equals You and began writing music. Through a series of different events and member changes Aaron Maloney and Austin Kirk joined up with the crew in the summer of 2011. Since August the bands music career has really begun to take off. Even putting them at the... top of the MD and DE reverbnation music charts. With an EP out and a full length on the way, Me Equals You looks forward to building their fan base and playing shows throughout the country. Music is a gift, and Me Equals You has one goal in mind. To share that gift with others, so that listeners can find the same happiness in our music, as the band does playing it. For more information or to listen to our music visit us at
Thank You

Hayden- Guitar/Vocals
Zack- Drums

My Own Worst Critic

Circa 2010. This is a group of musicians from all sides of the spectrum. New on the scene in Delaware, but hardly new to music. Each member has put their time in. Having played together long before this band was formed, the sound achieved here is seamless, and the individual talents that each member brings to the table can be seen clearly. What has been created here, out of the hours of practice i...s something great and unique. What came together out of the broken strings, destroyed speakers, cracked cymbals, and broken heads, (not to mention a couple of bruised egos.) is a sound that cannot be duplicated. You're welcome to try. We're here to play hard, and we're here to stay. thanks for checking us out.



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