Neil Hamburger, Andy Kindler, Rick Glassman, Randy Liedtke, Joe Mande, Clownvis Presley

Neil Hamburger

“A brilliantly awful persona of an old-school, C-list funnyman—the kind with an ill-fitting tuxedo and an enormous, greasy combover—on a very bad night. Neil Hamburger toys with an audience’s expectations (and patience), and indeed his act is a kind of rude commentary on stand-up comedy altogether.”—(New York Times)

America’s Funnyman Neil Hamburger is the hardest working comedian in existence, performing up to 399 shows a year to critical acclaim and audience bewilderment. He has toured as the hand-picked opener for Tenacious D and Faith No More, appeared on TV shows ranging from Fox News’ “Red Eye” to Tim and Eric Awesome Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and worked extensively with Tom Green on his internet talk show. Among his dozen or so albums and DVDs is the new LP release Hot February Night.

Andy Kindler

"I am a comedian who specializes in humor."

Joe Mande lives in Brooklyn, where he performs comedy and eats mostly pizza. He's been on VH1's Best Week Ever, was Time Out New York's "Best New Comedian" of 2009, and was featured on Heeb Magazine's list of 100 Jews to Watch, which is pretty much the second best list a Jew could ever hope to be on. He is also the creator of the hugely popular website and author of the book Look at This F*cking Hipster (

Clownvis Presley

Mr. Presley's diverse show is loved by a variety of audiences, which has allowed him to perform at theaters, bars, kids parties, biker rallies, store openings and nursing homes. Audiences of all ages appreciate the core of his show -- his singing. Clownvis croons both classic covers and originals, including audience favorites like "Barack O's Tacos" and the Golden Girls theme song, "Thank You For Being a Friend." Clownvis is a natural daredevil on stage, using dangerous items like fireworks, topless girls and his own invention, the Anti-Gravity Freedom Rocket ™. He hosts a true variety show. Clownvis' legendary stage show is more in demand than ever. Viva Clownvis!



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