"The cover art for Small Black’s forthcoming sophomore album is a pretty clever indicator of what kind of subject matter the record has in store. The photo, created by Dutch artist Scarlett Hooft Graafland, features a naked man and woman attempting to embrace while perched on top of a ladder. Lurking in the void beneath them is an alligator, presumably waiting to eat them. It’s a fitting visual metaphor for a record that seems primarily concerned with examining the myriad ways that the modern world strives to keep us from properly connecting with each other (or something like that). The record is a bold step forward for the band, not only in subject matter but in style as well. While previous releases (2010′s New Chain and 2009′s self-titled EP) came swathed in the kind of dramatically layered electronics that would pretty much epitomize the gauzy aesthetics of bedroom production — Limits Of Desire seeks to shake off a little of the chill-haze and come out into the light. The band also added live drums and electric guitar to the mix this time around, opting to pare down the arrangements and let the songs breathe a little bit." --STEREOGUM


Texas native John Pena began writing and performing under the Heavenly Beat guise in the latter part of 2009. After a handful of unfulfilling and embarrassing live shows, John put performing on the back burner and began working on building a stronger set of songs. John emerged from his bedroom after months of leisurely paced recording with a couple of tracks that would become his first release on Captured Tracks in the form of the 7 inch single “Suday”. Being influenced by nothing in particular has payed off as many have had trouble pinning the sound down as anything other than “immaculately arranged and paced” and “attractive music for attractive people”. Thus again proving that just because you’ve heard a song by The Cure or Neil Young doesn’t mean you have to ape it shamelessly to gain wide acceptance. Shortly after the release of “Suday” Heavenly Beat released the A side “Faithless” for their forthcoming 2nd single, igniting not only the blog world but the interest of the uninformed few who might have missed “Suday”. By paying homage to no one but himself, John Pena’s band has become one to watch in 2012.

Silver Hands

A San Francisco/Los Angeles-based Electronic Duo. At times sounding like Julee Cruise's tracks from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, on other tracks, tapping into the spacey textures of cosmic synth sounds and the hypnotic dance drones of Chris & Cosey. Meditative, hypnotic and utterly alluring.


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