Coyote Love

Blues Based, Searingly Passionate, Early 70’s FunkRockin’ Explosion From NYC!

Founded in 2009 with the release of their self-titled debut CD, white boy from the ghetto, turned city boy in the country, turned Coyote Man, Hank Wagner, joins forces with British multi-Instrumentalist and singer, Rachel Grundy to bring lush harmony, energetic live performances and old school entertainment value to the front of the stage, backed by very tight and aggressive rhythm section, which includes lead-guitarist Clifford "Moonie" Pusey from the band Steel Pulse.

Nikolitsa and the Comrades

Nikolitsa and the Comrades is fronted by Nikolitsa Boutieros, a multi-media artist from New York City. An already acclaimed photographer (who's work has appeared in, Time Out and various galleries), Nikolitsa has photographed industry icons like Nick Cave, Patti Smith and many others. You see a vivid, dramatic dance in her photography. Not merely photographs, but compositions unlike any other. It is this same captivating vision that she injects into her music with Nikolista and the Comrades.

Nikolitsa has risen above her early life challenges to divert those raw experiences towards the passion in her music, and the mysticism of her application to the arts. She has blossomed into one of New York's major rising talents!

By blending elements of punk, alternative and grunge into her music, she creates a wave of sound that is big, raw, heavy and melodic while remaining identifiably hers alone. With grit, savvy and intent, she exudes a peaceful but energetic aura with her timeless voice that is only embellished by her amusingly honest lyrics.

One starry skied New York City evening, Nikolitsa found herself wandering through record stores in New York searching through new and old CDs. She happened upon an interesting and mysterious album that she ended up bringing back home with her. That album was called, "Signs of a Vacant Soul" by Virgos Merlot. Little did she know it at that time, but that record would have a lasting impact on her as an artist and would help with the direction of her music in the future.

That record is still with Nikolitsa to this day, both physically and
spiritually. Some nine years later, after first hearing that album and then tucking it away, she decided to go back and listen to it again. It was then that she realized the person who had produced that record (Brett Hestla), would be the one who could understand her art form and the path in which she was travelling. He would eventually guide her through the recording process and inspire her to travel that path towards the next level.

It took over three years to craft her first recording, "Under the Moon." Creating the record was both a welcomed personal struggle to continue growing as an artist, and a joy to see through to it's completion.

During the production of the record, Nikolitsa found like-minded spirits with etymological hearts and they began playing around New York calling themselves the Comrades. The Comrades are: 17 year-old guitarist Tori Knops who weaves the beautiful melodic stories together, rock-wizard bassist David Schwab who creates a soulful driving groove and Tony Nugent on drums who keeps the trio positioned on the track.

"My main focus is to capture the truest essence of my material with honesty, integrity and heart," says Nikolitsa. This essential mode is totally evident during their live shows and is found in it's entirety in 'Under The Moon', their debut recording.

The Summarily Dismissed

Unbeknownst to the world, Todd Rundgren and Laura Nyro had a secret daughter. She grew up to be as wacky, comedic, and as immune to musical categorization as her father, while her pianistic style, vocal range, and physical appearance clearly indicated who her mother was. And, like both her parents, she became a composer, a lyricist, and a public eccentric!

Okay, so maybe Ari Shagal's parents aren't literally Todd and Laura . . . but, musically speaking, they might as well be! And, to extend the familial metaphor, you might say that Donald Fagen was Ari's uncle, and Stevie Wonder was her godfather. And there was Ari, in New York, ready to parade her bizarrely eclectic work before the ears of the listening public . . . but, in order to do so, she needed the right vocalists. Well, she lucked out, big time, when she happened upon the golden soprano voice of Ferima Faye, a native New Yorker whose incredible vocal talents are rivaled only by her incredibly creative and visionary fashion design; and Matthew Lomeo, a soulful baritone whose raw, magnetic voice continually made his native town of Utica sit bolt upright and shake its collective booty. Together, these three whippersnappers teamed up with producer and guitarist Joe Davi (known for his work with Ne-Yo, Mya, and Jay-Z), bassist Pat O'Leary (a member of Bob Dorough's trio), and drummer Eric Halvorson (a frequent member of Ute Lemper's touring ensemble). The resulting album, To Each!, also features an appearance by the illustrious jazz vocalist Kenny Washington, whose talents are incredible beyond description, in addition to conga and bongo work by percussionist Nydia Mata, who was, for many years, a constant member of Laura Nyro's band. After an intense year plus, throwing themselves into the recording process at full intensity, the members of the Summarily Dismissed are proud to introduce their album To Each! to the world . . . and look forward to making even more music!

Supermajor formed in late 2008 and almost immediately established themselves as one of the tallest bands around. Their first show was played to an enthusiastic audience in March of 2009, and they've been building momentum, an audience and a secret underground fortress since. Their debut, eponymous EP, is the product of a young band, but demonstrates the maturity of a fine wine, or a really big tree.

Syd Sahr

NYC-based Singer/Songwriter.



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