The Kicks may be young, but they are quick to admit that in a decidedly non-hipster way, they do indeed plan to rock you. Never interested in moping, navel gazing or wallowing in the emotional muck and mire that permeates so much of the modern music culture, Jordan Phillips (lead vocals, rhythm guitar,) Adam Stark (lead guitar, keys, backing vocals,) Gabriel Anderson (bass, backing vocals) and Lucas Cummins (drums) intend to take your breath away with massive melodies, epic guitar riffs, irresistible rhythms and lyrics that practically force you to sing along. Though perfectly comfortable in clubs, this is music made for stadiums and with every intention that's exactly where The Kicks are heading.

“What initially inspired all of us to start this band,” Phillips recalls, “was the desire to create rock and roll music not only influenced by, but also played like rock and roll music used to be played. We grew up listening to McCartney, Queen, Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Stones, Faces, The Byrds, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Petty, Springsteen and the other godparents of the genre. We wanted to play music that made us feel the same way those bands had.” Stark agrees. Having discovered the unbridled joy and freedom of the 60s and 70s era music his father played, he set his sights high. “There was such a spirit of freedom and exploration with the sounds in that music,” he conveys. “They were pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territory. We wanted to pursue that pure energy – that raw excitement – and to share that connection with an audience.”

The Kicks came together after meeting in college in 2008. The chemistry was immediate and within just a few gigs the band became one of the most talked about non-Country bands in Nashville. Club audiences around Music City and the general Southeastern corner of the US grinned and grooved as these impossibly gifted and improbably young musicians delivered shows that regularly earned them favorable comparisons to their heroes. They earned coveted opening slots supporting heavyweights like John Mayer and Los Lonely Boys and performed at the Austin City Limits Festival and South By Southwest and the Van's Warped Tour. Their song “Good Morning” was heard by millions in a national television ad campaign for Lowe's and other songs were heard in shows like Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.

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