Venus On Fire

Venus On Fire

The name in itself demands attention and the band has certainly captured it, garnering an impressive following both in and outside their “birthplace” of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their musical endeavor began as a partnership comprised of singer/songwriter Tory Envy and guitarist Leng Moua. Since their inception in 2009, Venus on Fire has released two EPs: Clone Factory (2010) and My Furious Frenzy (2011).
In 2012, the band acquired members Carl Smith (Bass) and Joe Ingle (Drums) which noticeably enhanced the energy and atmosphere in their live performance. The quartet combines lush melodies, hook-heavy riffs, and a tight rhythm section to back their pop/punk showmanship, exhibiting sounds from pulsing rhythms to vulnerable vocals augmented by an ocean of deftly layered guitars.
With a new intensity and attitude, the band has begun working on their anticipated third EP to be released in 2013. Venus on Fire released their single, “War,” on February 19, 2013 and will be following up with a music video. This is without a doubt a busy year for Venus on Fire, so keep your eyes and ears open as they will consistently be releasing new material in the near future.


Halocene is a 100% independently run band. *Opened for Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy | As seen on the Vans Warped Tour.

Our Final Moment

Our Final Moment is not a band. It is an idea. Inspired by one, practiced by few, and will soon be accepted by many.

T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow

Hailing from Brighton, Colorado, this quartet teeters on the genre borders of pop/punk and hardcore. Fusing pop/punk style lyrics, rhythm and flow with heavy low end breakdowns; they bring an exciting roller coaster ride of a show. T4T is most praised for its live performances, where they are certain to deliver high energy, and witty humor all the while bring you a fantastic show of musicianship. Come to one show, and you will be hooked on this up and coming band!



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