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The Breaking Yard

The Breaking Yard is a Portland, Oregon based sextet whose intricate instrumentation, harmonies and swelling energy has enthralled many audiences throughout the United States and Europe. Primary songwriters Mel and Stephen Baker have drawn from differing musical backgrounds and influences to write songs full of musical and lyrical vibrancy that have been described by many as ‘cinematic’ and ‘healing’.

In the very beginning, only two years ago, The Breaking Yard was an acoustic duo with guitars and voices. The band’s sound, while maintaining its intimate nature, has ramped and evolved into a torrent of musical parts. The group of multi-instrumentalists uses the violin, hammered dulcimer, glockenspiel, drums, chains, electric guitar and harmonium to create a unique and powerful experience.

Travis Vick

“...the show was stolen by Travis Vick. He went on first, hailing from Manteca. I was really impressed by the emotion that came through his songs. They were well written, funny at times, sad at others, and were all well crafted art. Another thing about Vick was that he was a tremendous guitar player. Many singer/song writers aren't that great at playing their instrument. They may be good writers, or singers, but many are just functional guitar players. Or, maybe they're great guitarists and marginal singers or writers. Not Travis Vick. He brings the whole package. He had some serious chops on the guitar but it wasn't like he played to show off. He just played that well so that the songs would be musically layered as the lyrics were.”
- Fresno show review (see Press for more)

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