pacificUV is an indie-rock band currently residing in Athens, Georgia. Their style is frequently categorized as utilizing elements of Dream pop, Post Rock, Shoegaze, and Space Rock.


Instamatic make danceable beats with brains. Armed with four-on-the-floor propulsion and dirty synth hooks, Instamatic combine elements of contemporary electro with classic indie rock aesthetics. The band formed in 2008, growing out of the Philadelphia DJ/production duo Crimp Yr Hair. After spinning for years and remixing artists like Crystal Castles, Yelle, and Matt & Kim, TJ Adams and Rick Mitchell decided to expand what they had in the studio into a live performance. They joined forces with Amanda Blank collaborator Steven Haslam and Philadelphia scene veterans Philip Schorn and Matt Coogan to write electronic anthems – and actually play them. Having grown up in the Philadelphia punk scene, they called bullshit on electronic groups that barely used their instruments on stage. While their contemporaries seemed content to push play on a laptop, Instamatic were determined to recreate what they made in their basements and bedrooms live. Their tracks reflect this spirit and their shows are an aural assault of speakers, synthesizers and sequencers.

Instamatic self-released their second EP "See the Signal" in January 2012, featuring the track "Replacement for Life," co-written by Dayve Hawke of Memory Tapes. They are currently recording their third EP and playing shows up and down the East Coast, sharing the stage with the likes of Memory Tapes, Amanda Blank, Creepoid & approximately 6,954 DJs.

XPN said, "New wave-disco hasn't sounded this good, since, well, new wave-disco of the late 1970s and early 1980s."

Pitchfork called the band, "electropop definitely worth a listen."



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