Together we named the band Mosey, in honor of taking life as it comes, staying positive, and moving on.

The End of America

Blame it on Kerouac. From the pages of his masterpiece, On The Road, New York City based folk trio The End of America draws inspiration for both their band and their name. The novel's concept of traveling to the end of the "groaning continent" seems almost like a dare, where by those who choose to accept it will follow the road till the earth runs out and they find themselves where all artists long to be: the farthest you can go.

For The End of America, that means taking risks to do what feels right, despite the conventions. In 2010, founding members Brendon Thomas, James Downes, and Trevor Leonard recorded their debut album, Steep Bay, live in a cabin in upstate New York using only a two track, battery powered recorder. The following year they released a full length DVD titled Are You Lonely, which documents the making of Steep Bay and features live music videos of every song from the album.

Now, The End of America is ready to present their latest effort, Shakey. In an attempt to capture the music in its most pure and naked form, the album was recorded live to tape with minimal rehearsal and in the fewest takes possible – an approach inspired by Neil Young, to whom the title pays homage.

The Engine Atlantic

The Engine Atlantic is a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



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