John Pointer, Jack Burton, Schrödinger's Cat.

John Pointer

multi-instrumentalist, actor, activist, swell individual. Also 11-time Austin Music Award-winner, drinker of fine libations, teller of tall tales and great kisser. All of this is true.

Jack Burton

inding it hard to put thier finger on a genre, the Jack Burton Trio, instead, throws out a list of influences including: Al Green, Sting, Josh Rouse, Bela Fleck, Ray Lamontagne, Pearl Jam, LL Cool J, The Cure, The Black Crowes, Tom Petty, and many other notable acts. “We listen to lots of stuff. We play lots of stuff. We like to jumble lots of stuff together,” says Austin based singer/songwriter Jack Burton who fronts the “Trio,” (which actually consists of up to six very talented musicians). “I really enjoy writing and playing my own stuff, but we have a lot of fun with covers, too. We’ll play anything that grooves, and keeps the crowd in the vibe of the show,” says Jack. And vibe you will! The shows are always energetic and fun, even between songs. And they also keep you on your toes with the line up; You might show up one night to see Jack, all lonely-like with his guitar, or the full blown Trio in all of it’s Acoustic Funk glory. No matter how you like to get your live music fix, a Jack Burton Trio show is sure to cure what ails you!

Schrödinger's Cat.

"One of Pointer's earlier incarnations, and the group with which he won his first three Austin Music Awards, Schrödinger's Cat was a groundbreaking, internationally-touring vocal group based in Austin from 1997-2002. They broke up in February of that year and haven't done a reunion show since 2005, but have continued to influence the sound of contemporary a cappella, won the national Kit Kat commercial contest, and were even referenced in an episode of West Wing."

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