Nightbitch, Gasoline Therapy, Thrillhouse, Feed the Pigs


Coalescing a mission statement of "wicked women, unholy passion and fire nights" with influences musical, aesthetic, chemical and carnal, Nightbitch are "purveyors of some of the finest occult-themed, sleazed-out, trad-flavored metal around" (CT Indie).

Nightbitch formed in the late summer of 2009 when Ipsissimus guitarist Ryan "His Emissary" Adams sought an outlet to reconcile his late-bloomer discovery of Ritchie Blackmore's majestic emanations with his obsession for sleazy 70's occult / exploitation films and plagiarized Danzig riffs. Adams soon hooked up with celebrated doom metal vocalist Phil Swanson (Hour of 13, Seamount, Vestal Claret and many more) through mutual friend Handsome Bill Connnolly (whose No Visible Scars cassette-only label would expose the world to Nightbitch via the "Sex and Magic" debut). The band was quickly rounded out by the formidable rhythm section of longtime friends and veteran CT musicians Chris Taylor (Treebeard, Garbage Barge) and Mark Eles (De Omega) on drums and bass, respsectively.

After gigs opening for such heavyweights as Pentagram, Black Pyramid, Earthride and Midnight, the band travelled to Dublin, Ireland this past September as the back-up band for Hour of 13's live debut at the Dublin Doom Day and played its own gig as a part of the warm-up festivities. The band brought with it the "Sex and Magic" cassette, which would sell out all 100 copies within a month of its release. Upon returning from Dublin, Nightbitch and Swanson amicably parted ways and Taylor assumed vocal duties. In December, Cyclopean Records issued "Sex and Magic" on lavish 180-gram black vinyl limited to 350 copies, which also sold out in one month's time. Analog formats exhausted, the band recently entered the digital realm via Austria's Psychedoomelic Records, where it counts the godly Reverend Bizarre among its labelmates.

With the sensual menace that is Chris Taylor at the helm, Nightbitch is hard at work writing for its debut full-length and shopping new material to various labels while continuing to play out, spreading its Hell-ordained gospel of tradish heavy fucking metal, riffs and sleaze with a sensual, occult bent.

Gasoline Therapy

With roots in New Haven and New London, Gasoline Therapy was formed in late 2007. And, although going through a few lineup changes, and sound experiments, the current incarnation has been holding strong since March of 2010. The secret to the band's longevity has been never taking themselves too seriously and never succumbing to any pressure. They are a group of five guys who like drinking and having a good time and writing songs about drinking and having a good time. Simple songs with a groove. By blending a wide spectrum of influences ranging from Black Sabbath and Clutch to KISS and Motorhead, Gasoline Therapy creates a sound that is uniquely theirs and has been labeled by some as "dirt rock," which suits them just fine.


Out of a mutual love for RIFFS and all things Heavy Metal, Thrillhouse formed when 4 dudes decided that riffing one's self isn't enough. The world must be riffed. Thrillhouse is a 4 piece heavy metal band from Providence RI. The history of their beginnings is ridiculous, long, and doesn't matter all that much to you, does it? What matters is the future of Heavy Metal, and Thrillhouse want to make themselves a solid part of it.



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