The Middle Eight, - Wake Island -, Danyul Kostin, Gregory Mendez

The Middle Eight

The Middle Eight makes music for your brain and your ears. The New York-based outfit brings classical sensibilities to an indie rock context, building textured, even orchestral layers of sound. STRANGE LOOP, their newest release, is an exploration of sonic combinations that is at once catchy and unpredictable, drawing on influences ranging from Romantic sonatas to 1970s art-rock.

- Wake Island -

Montreal’s Wake Island (formerly Intensive Care) is an exchange between four musicians from Lebanon, the USA and Canada. They blend King Crimson-esque songwriting with a sound that is inherently modern and fondly informed by eclectic artists such as Grizzly Bear, Wolf Parade, Aimee Mann and Charles Mingus. They have just released their sophomore album with Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes, Wolf Parade, Suuns).

Danyul Kostin

Danyul Kostin was born in North Carolina on June 28, 1979 to the disgruntled infidels branded "parent" by the tragic collision of unfortunate timing. Cosmically considered a catastrophe, the displaced mind of an anatomical abolitionist fractured by speed and time forged it's way through the diluted home for over a decade before expulsion. January 13, 2013 was the first time in 23 years Danyul abandoned the nod and sought an accelerated transport through the fear, time, sweat and grief to reach someone else. More to come...

Gregory Mendez

Gregory Mendez is a songwriter from Philadelphia who draws inspiration from his life experiences. He got on a bus to NYC this past January to end a cycle of homelessness, unemployment, addiction, and toxic relationships. He has since gotten a job, a roof over his head, recorded an EP, and written and recorded demos of over 20 songs. He now plays at least one show a week in New York City, and is going to be planning a tour in the fall for the release of a brand new EP called "Songs From A Stairwell."



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