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Bridge Underwater

Bridge Underwater began in August 2005 as the recording project/one-man band of Patrick Mellon. Since then Bridge Underwater has released more than one hundred songs. The music ranges from simple lo-fi tunes to experimental “noise delights.”

Ang & the Damn Band

Ang and the Damn Band is a music project that started with Ang Bocca (a solo artist) of South Philadelphia. Ang is a singer/songwriter who had a hard time finding a band to back her up. Being a singer in Philadelphia who is constantly surrounded by musicians…you’d think this would not be a hard task. Ang decided to make it her goal to take advantage of any opportunity to jam with friends
from the area. Because of the variety in music her friends played, she was free to play around with different genres and writing styles. Ang started to get gigs for certain events because she’d sing her original music acapella at open mic nights. About a month before each gig, she’d have to call up anyone she knew to rehearse that could and would play with her. She noticed that she had a few of the same musicians for some gigs and different musicians for other shows. After having this realization, she then decided to call herself “Ang & the Damn Band.” What solidified the name was the fact that when she had this realization she was in her car listening to Justin Timberlake's future/sex/love record and coinsidentley his track "Damn Girl" was on. She loved the song and the fact that he uses the "swear word" with a positive inflection. A lot of contemporary entertainer’s from the past have said “Give it up for the damn band!” and she felt it fit perfectly because her songs can be any damn genre, her band can have any damn member in it on any damn night, and because she just frankly wanted to use the word Damn. Her music is inspired by contemporary jazz standards,grunge rock, rockabilly,blues, and early 1960’s good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll. Her objective is to put on a great show by making people laugh, dance, shake, clap, sing, feel, and to be one of the up and coming artists contributing towards keeping timeless music alive. Because it don’t get any better than that, Damn’it!

Needle Points

An experiment in street level boogie. Their energy on both stage and tape...will mystify your body, tickle your fancy, and breathe sweet breath into your chakra. Hailing from Philadelphia, they are a far out expression in stripped down magic. With jangly riffs, tribal beats, and fuzzy tones. They are Needle Points.



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