Jeff Hanneman memorial show with SHOW NO MERCY (Tribute To Slayer)

SHOW NO MERCY (Tribute To Slayer) Show No Mercy is a New York City and Long Island based Slayer Tribute band focusing on the early years of Slayer Music.

The Standard Assault

The Begotten

With none of us being a stranger to the metal scene with ex members of Curse the Dawn,Burning Within,All the Innocent Fall,Nerve Gas Tragedy and At Rope's End we all put our heads together to write some ridiculous metal to brutalize the area.

Trez Muertoz


Heavy, Speed and Melody
Three words can clearly define what Machinage is; the band was founded in 2007, in Jundiaí-SP, Brazil by Fábio Delibo (guitar and vocal) and Fernando Kump (guitar).
The band’s proposal was always to believe in its identity, getting away from any label and writing songs in which mix the thrash metal from the 80s together with nowadays technique, besides an aggressive and odd vocal melody.
Machinage has shared the stage with important bands of the world scenario like Overkill, Sepultura, Nuclear Assault Dismember, Tim Ripper Owens, André Matos, Angra, Almah, Torture Squad, and Korzus confirming to be one of the greatest promises.

In the end of 2010 Fernando Kump leaves the band and Renato Lorenccini (guitar) takes place going to their greatest tour in The USA in 2011, driving more than 3850 miles through 24 states and 16 shows.
In the same year Machinage first full-length CD “It Makes Us Hate”, produced by the band itself featuring Antônio Araújo (Korzus) at “Next Victim”; and mixed and mastered by Tim Laud (Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy) at Porch Studio – USA is recorded.

The CD has 9 tracks of pure thrash metal and will be released in January 2012 by Gear Records in Brazil and EBM Records in USA, Europe and japan.
It Makes Us Hate (April, 2012)

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