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By all accounts, 2012 was a banner year for up-and-coming blues-hop/soul singer ZZ Ward. Releasing the mixtape Eleven Roses in February, the Criminal EP in May and her full-length debut Til the Casket Drops in October, ZZ hit the ground running with her mix of swampy blues and hip-hop grit, all delivered with her powerful, soulful voice which was met with much enthusiasm from both fans and critics alike.

Since then, she has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, had her music featured on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, MTV's Awkward and in promos for ABC's hit series Nashville, and completed a nearly sold out 50-date headlining American tour.

Ward is still in awe of the buzz that has continued to build around her and her music this past year. “That was the first year I played in cities I'd never been to, and yet I had fans there,” says Ward. “They came to the shows, knew the lyrics, and had already connected with the songs. It was fun, but surreal.” Ward, whom NPR recently declared “is going to be a star,” and whose vocal prowess Rolling Stone has praised as being “chill-inducing,” has been gradually working her way into the music scene since she began performing for her father’s blues band at age 13.

Growing up in rural Oregon, her love of hip-hop and rap eventually took her to the nearby college town of Eugene, where she sang choruses at underground hip-hop clubs for local rappers. Despite these experiences though, she struggled to reconcile her love of blues, hip-hop, soul and rock on a professional level. “It took me a while to embrace the sort of music I wanted to make and accept that making it for myself was enough,” Ward says. “I just wanted to write songs that I loved, so that's what I did on this record.”

Ward's honey-smoked vocals and soulful lyrics ensnare you from the opening moments of the stomping title track and hold you in their hypnotic sway clear through the final notes of the cool, R&B-flavored “365 Days.” The album features thirteen tracks ranging from heartfelt ballads (“Last Love Song”) to groovy up-tempo numbers (“Move Like U Stole It”), and includes guest appearances by rising hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar and rapper Freddie Gibbs. Bluesy ditties like “Lil Darlin” sound like something you might hear in a dive bar, and the funky hip-hop track “Charlie Ain't Home,” acts as an imaginative reply to Etta James’s “Waiting on Charlie.”

The maverick sensibilities which appear throughout this show-stopping record have also earned Ward’s music a nickname—Dirty Shine—which she happily embraces. “What dirty shine means to me, personally, was the moment I stopped thinking about what people were gonna think about my music, and I just accepted who I was and what my sound was,” Ward says. “It’s about embracing your authentic self, doing what makes you happy and committing to it. That’s the message people have been getting from that phrase, so it’s inspiring.”

2013 is promising to be even busier for Ward. She recently appeared on Conan, made a buzzworthy return to SXSW where she first introduced herself as an artist to watch last year and is about to embark on her second U.S. headline tour as well as performing at major music festivals including Sasquatch and Firefly. If you thought 2012 was a great year for Ward, 2013 is going to prove the best is yet to come.

www.zzward.com * www.facebook.com/ZZWard * @zzward

You, Me, and Apollo

Fort Collins/Denver based band You Me & Apollo “injects the fury of rock’n’roll and the heartfelt spirit of blues into a folk/Americana sound that really comes alive [during their] performances”

-Peter Washington of Concerted Effort Blog.

The music of You Me & Apollo ranges from quiet folk to groove infused rock and has been described as an unholy union of Hank Williams and Otis Redding. The birth of You Me & Apollo, in 2007, consisted of singer-songwriter Brent Cowles. Now, In 2011, Cowles joined with some very talented friends and the result has been a unique and explosive sound something that makes you put your beer down, swivel your bar stool toward the stage, and watch with anticipation.

Martin Harley

Martin Harley is a phenomenally talented guitarist, singer and songwriter hailing from the UK. At age 37, Harley has made a name for himself in Great Britain (he was born in Wales and raised in England). Having now toured both solo and with a band across the world, he’s gigged with G. Love and Special Sauce, Donovan Frankenreiter, Five For Fighting, Beth Hart, Good Old War, Gavin DeGraw, James Morrison, Scars on 45, Mieko, The Dunwells, and other modern day troubadours. He’s cultivated something of a cult following among surfers in particular, in part, perhaps, because he still dedicates about a month per year to the sport. But mostly, he’s known as a prodigious lap slide
player with a blues authenticity that belies his British heritage – upon first listen, you would swear he was from the muddy swamps of the dirty delta.

In addition to his acclaimed solo work, he fronts the highly praised UK-based acoustic trio, the Martin Harley Band, a testament to his tireless work ethic and devotion to his craft. A life long devotee of acoustic guitar music, especially the ageless blues/roots sounds, he has travelled the globe absorbing a plethora of diverse influences and honing his craft into the classic songwriting style he possesses today. With four critically celebrated albums released in the UK and Europe and a #1 album on the iTunes
UK blues chart last year with Drumrolls for Somersaults, features for Guitarist Magazine, the BBC, countless European festival features and world press, Harley has a strong and solid base of fans spanning the globe. Martin is a deeply important and respected voice in the evolution of popular blues and folk oriented guitar and vocals and is now expanding on his international success with recent time spent in the US recording and setting up his American release.

Harley traveled to Texas to team up with Bob Parr, original bass player for The Brian Setzer Orchestra and well-known producer and arranger in the pop/rock world, and his wife, Claire Parr, long-time music industry vet of Enigma, Geffen and Curb Records and
founder of The Navigator Company which specializes in radio promotion, to produce his first U.S. solo album Mojo Fix. The album marks the first time Martin has used multiple
outside musicians including Santana and Steve Winwood veteran Walfredo Reyes on drums, Charlie Bisharat whose a famous violinist known for his work with Shadowfax, McKenzie Smith of the Texas-based band Midlake, and pop pianist/Singer/songwriter
Jon McLaughlin to add some keys. In keeping with his journeyman sensibilities, everything about the making of this record was different than anything he conquered before – including his four previous, U.K.-released albums.

“The songs on Mojo Fix have been written on the back of my hand or in bus queues and at airport terminals and some at the bar,” says Harley. “A few have been resting at the
base of my spine from wilder years. There is no regular process for me to write. Often the guitar is a staring point and I collect riffs and ideas on my mobile phone. Sometimes
a song can be inspired by a conversation between two old ladies waiting for a train or by revisiting a favorite album and hearing something new in it. If you keep your eyes and
ears open, and you're moving around all the time, then I think you can increase the chances of stories finding you. My taste is pretty eclectic and I'm as likely to start my day with Django Reinhardt as with Queens of the Stone Age, a cup of tea or a cold beer.”
With such a wealth of experience under his belt, it is no surprise that his life is interwoven with his music, every song telling the tale of a life well lived. As a player, he fuses remarkable musicianship with intuition and a deeply ingrained musical
understanding, the resulting Mojo Fix is laden with songs that are at once world-worn and timeless. Renowned for his prowess as a slide guitarist, he is almost unique in the UK in
his playing lap slide. In other areas and styles, however, he has proved himself a master guitarist and a consistently astounding songwriter.

Martin Harley recently wrapped up a tour with World Party and is set to open for blueshop singer ZZ Ward and rock band Delta Rae on their co-headlining ‘Fire And Shine’ tour next year. He plans to tour behind Mojo Fix through 2013 – around the globe and, of course, across the United States.

“America fascinates and excites me, as I have watched it from afar for many years and enjoyed it through the eyes of beat poets, writers, rock ‘n’ rollers, bluesmen, and comedians,” he says. “I have endlessly listened to its exciting, irregular beating heart and traveling through it has been a great educator.”

As Harley continues to get his Stateside education, you can bet the whole jug of moonshine that he’ll teach plenty of listeners a thing or two, himself, along the way.

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