Afton Productions Presents:, Sweet Dirt, Society Minority, Nasty Rebelz

Afton Productions Presents:

Afton produces concerts and provides online resources to help artists succeed. We do this because we are artists and we were forced to provide these solutions for ourselves. Our company was founded in 2004 to book shows for bands that our staff members were playing in at the time.Starting out, we produced events for our bands and a select group of artists we were friends with. Eventually we resolved to provide show opportunities to thousands of artists across the country, rather than continuing to focus on just ourselves. We now count it a privilege to be able to offer our services to thousands of acts nationwide, for free! We work hard to provide artists the experience they deserve, and we believe we are currently better than anyone at producing local, all- ages events on a nationwide scale

Sweet Dirt

Nasty Rebelz

Born Carlito Doss in St Louis, Mo and then later raise all over the East Coast from New Jersey to New York, at the ages from 5 to 22. Since the age of 2, Carlito has always been in love with music. His parents played all sort of music, from jazz, blues, rock, country, heavy metal, and much more. Both Carlito's parents were raise in the south, later to move to St Louis and back in fourth from the mid west to the east coast. In later years, Carlito was place in to a Art school, so Carlito could advance more into his love and passion for music. So during the years of his education, Carlito further his studies in musical instruments; piano, bass guitar, viola, cello, violin, English horn, and percussion. Carlito start producing at the age 13. He wrote his first rap round the age of 7. So not only does Mr. Carlito produces, he also an artist, and entertainer. What's so special about Carlito producing is the unique way of channeling the best out of any artist. His motto is, "if you have a dream, let's dream together and I shall awake you, too make it a reality…"

$10.00 - $13.00


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