Once upon a time, there was a band called Sick/Sea who wrote songs about the countless lessons love teaches. Playing their music in the tropical climate of South Texas, they garnered a fan base who appreciated the unique style that mixed the band's influences of Indie, Jazz, Rock, and even a breath of Hardcore. Their songs are strung together by the powerful vocals and jazzy chord progressions of Audrey Scott, the swelling and crashing bass lines of Miguel Morales, and the dynamic drum beats of the singer's brother, Cameron Scott. The dedication of these three has enabled the band to release two EPs and embark on a successful East Coast tour. Now three years seasoned, they have buckled down to make music their long-time career.

The Riveras

The Riveras are a five piece band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their minimalist, somber music manages to be at once unsettling and engaging. In fact, its easy to see why the Riveras are frequently likened to American gothic literature like Cormac McCarthy, whose stories are set in the Sonoran Desert from which the Riveras hail, rather than a particular musical genre. The lush reverb of the guitars, mixed with tasteful drums, an ever-present ominous bass, and the whispery vocals and violin of Jody Lew give the listener a sense of space and weight. The Riveras' music is certainly not for the faint of heart or the casual listener. But, if you prefer intelligent instrumentation and beautifully rendered storytelling, the Riveras are not to be missed.

Dylan James Pratt

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