Garage rock band from Lebanon. MO

Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Hi. We are Grown Up Avenger Stuff. Hope it's okay if we don't talk about awards, accolades, commercial stuff, people we've played with and things like that. We've gotten some of that, but basically we are just your friendly neighborhood rock band with super powers. Humble apologies that our songs don't sound like each other. We love music and making music. And rocking. You. We want to be your new second most favorite band.

Explosive Space Modulator

An indie rock trio with roots going back to the vibrant St. Louis music scene of the early-mid '90s.

Explosive Space Modulator began as a humble jam session in Ryan's garage in late 2008. By 2010, they had a solid set of original material and started playing some local gigs. The band is building momentum, and with an album in the works they hope to reach a wider audience in the coming year.

Shae, Mike and Ryan share a storied musical history, including notable bands such as Churn, Sledgehummer, Bionica, Birmingham Squadron, Three Penny Nickel, Monotremes, Cedar Obscura, Lost at Sea, and Everest.

Explosive Space Modulator's music ranges from quiet intensity to tidal swells of swirling distortion, tied together with an almost understated lyrical style.

Fool The Radar

Emerging to ignite passion into the STL musical conglomerate, FTR dedicates itself to the authentic performance of all styles where groove is inherent and soul is dominance.



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