How did wheatus escape the pre-internet music industry dark age with their lives? "A very important record executive lost his cool with me in a meeting & threatened to drop us…I took him up on it…" ~ brendan b brown.

wheatus' debut single "Teenage Dirtbag" cracked the Top 40 BBC Official Sales Chart for a second time in March of 2011, TEN YEARS after it's debut at #2 on the same chart. To say t...hat wheatus have been through the wringer in the decade between is the original understatement. Lawsuits, lineup changes, interstate art heist investigations (yes, really), betrayals, intellectual property theft, physical violence, post traumatic front man brendan b brown could write a book. To date their first record has sold more than 5 million copies world wide. Any manager or record label would be happy to tout those stats to the press but wheatus have remained unsigned & unmanaged for the last 8 years. Unlike many of their peers from the early oughts, wheatus continue to write, record, and tour 15 years after their inception, having taken control of their revenue stream with the home made, "pick-your-price" download system fans can use at wheatus.com. They have released 5 Studio albums since 2000 and are currently in preproduction for album 6.

brendan addresses the radio silence they endured from 2002-2004 mysteriously, "…we were advised to lay low."

With a new line-up, wheatus hit the road mid decade throughout the US and UK, including the sold out UK Get Happy Tour, and their own independent University and College Tours, which once again put the band on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans, who sing along....loudly.

wheatus are currently in the midst of recording and releasing Volumes 1-8 of Pop, Songs & Death, a series of EPs available exclusively from wheatus.com as multi-format "pay-what-you-want" DRM Free downloads. Pop, Songs & Death Vol 1, The Lightning EP, is the first record to ever be released in the revolutionary new downloadable DSD format for Playstation3. Pop, Songs & Death Vol 1& 2 have had hundreds of thousands of downloads, accompanied by generous donations. Two songs from Vol. 1 were prominently featured in April Showers, an independent film depicting the events of the Columbine Massacre, directed by one of the surviving Columbine students, Andrew Robinson. Pop, Songs & Death Vol. 2, The Jupiter EP was released in 2011, and will accompany The Lightning EP as a double gatefold vinyl 12" release in the summer of 2011. Wheatus will be touring The UK in Autumn 2011.

Math the Band

Math the Band is a electro-punk spazz duo from Providence, RI. They use a combination of old video game systems, analog synthesizers and energy drinks to make the fastest, loudest, most party-est music they can imagine. They've only cracked their head open on stage ONCE.

MC Lars, real name Andrew Nielsen, (born October 6, 1982 in Berkeley, California) is an American rapper. He is the self-proclaimed originator of "post-punk laptop rap". He has recorded for Truck Records in the UK and his Laptop EP is licensed to Sidecho Records in the USA. He was formerly known as MC Lars Horris but changed his pseudonym to MC Lars in 2004 for the sake of simplicity.

Late Cambrian

Late Cambrian is a Brooklyn Indie Alternative Rock band. If The Strokes and Phoenix adopted a rock baby from Elliot Smith and The Arctic Monkeys the baby's name would be Late Cambrian.

They have won numerous awards on Ourstage Sonicbids, and Reverbnation, and have had their music placed in The Real World, Married To Jonas and other popular TV shows.

The Danger O's

The Danger O’s almost died. In the fall of 2010, after releasing two EPs and a full length on Creep Records, the Danger O’s (Justin Johnson - bass and vocals, Abe Koffenberger - guitar, Nick Palmer - drums), frustrated with stagnation, decided to take an indefinite break from being a band. Almost immediately, fate stepped in and the band was offered to play at SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2011. The flame was rekindled and the band entered its most fruitful and most collaborative songwriting period ever, resulting in the new full length, The Danger O’s Play Their Hits. At 18 songs, and clocking in at 34 minutes, the record genre-bounces between 60’s pop and psychedelia, 70’s punk, shoegaze, lo-fi, and classic alternative rock. The band is more comfortable than ever worshiping their rock heroes, and you can hear the influence of the Pixies, Elvis Costello, Guided by Voices, the Velvet Underground, the Ramones and many more throughout “Play Their Hits.” For the first time, the Danger O’s recorded, produced, and mixed the entire record, and their inexperience and limited resources give the record a lo-fi charm.

In near death, comes rebirth. With new life blood coursing through their veins, and fresh ambition, the Danger O’s plan to “Play Their Hits” to any and all who wish to hear. Along with a whole new attitude and new songs, the addition of new live performers promises to add a powerful layer to an already booming three piece. The future cannot be foretold, but the Danger O’s are ready for whatever it holds.



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