Wes Luna

Wes Luna

Wes Luna.. Mega music fanatic, solo guitarist.

Serious Moonlight

alan andrews, william threlked, donny rosentrator, pinto, adam halferty

Lizzie Huffman

"Huffman's southern-fried folk-pop is perhaps a bit counterintuitive to her West Coast roots, and so well contrived you'd expect to find her kicking up her boots in Nashville. The first moment the record player needle spun over Huffman's voice, I was honestly blown away. She soulfully and magnetically vocalizes woebegone tales of passion, nerves and infatuation that are plaintive yet conversely empowering. Huffman's Etta James-esque delivery is laid down amongst a mix of folksy instrumentation like a pair of misfit lovers, but the genre-bending seems genuine and even contemporary." -Radio Free Chicago


Skyless is Caleb Arrants from Denver. Electro spacestep influenced by the hip-hop scene and artists such as Bassnectar, This Will Destroy You, Datsik and Pretty Lights.

Skyless has shared the stage with acts such as Archnemesis, EOTO, Tipper, Zilla, Octopus Nebula, Michal Menert, Jantsen, Heyoka, Janover, Vibesquad, Gramatik, Fresh2Death, S.P.E.C.T.R.E and many others.

"SKYLESS' SOUNDCLOUD":http://soundcloud.com/skylesscolorado


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